The FTL Collective would like to thank everyone who helped make our 1 year anniversary party last Saturday so amazing. It’s kind of risky to recite a list of everyone we want to thank because we’re bound to forget someone, but we’re going to do it anyway.

Thanks to the people behind The Bubble for letting us throw our birthday bash at your space. That includes everyone from the door people to the bartenders to the people that helped set up and clean up. Thanks to Manifest Test Subject, Lavola, Ryan Alexander, Retrocities, Brady Newbill, The Goddamn Hustle, and Travalonia for the great performances. Thanks to all the artists who showcased their incredible work at our party: Ari Justin Rothenberg, Luzalma Gonzalez, Rachel DeJohn, Laura Atria, and South Florida Camera Club members Danny Hammontree, Tracy Mendy, Nancy Goldwin, Jayne Villamizar, Lauren Britz. Thanks to Frank for cooking up some delicious food on the grill. Thanks to Kimber Kirton (Penelope Lane Photography) for bringing her zany photo booth. Thanks to Green Room for donating some delicious bottles of vodka for the party. Thanks to every single person that attended the party. It really meant a lot to us to see everyone out there. And thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out our website over the past year. We appreciate all of our readers, even the ones that couldn’t make it this past Saturday.

If you weren’t able to make it, here are some tunes from some of the bands that performed. Enjoy.

Manifest Test Subject – Castle Crashers
[soundcloud url=”″]

The Goddamn Hustle – Bodies
[soundcloud url=”″]

Ryan Alexander – Catacombs & Caves (acoustic)

Retrocities – City Nights and Written By Machinery (live @ Propaganda)

Travalonia – Camera Failure (live @ The Bubble)



Art And Music Collide For Gallery Saturdays At Green Room

every Saturday, local art, music, and local foodies showcase their talents at Green Room

With the emergence of FAT Village art walks, Digital Love Thursdays, The Bubble, various artist collectives, the opening of Laser Wolf, downtown music fests, and the food truck invasion, there’s no doubt that Fort Lauderdale’s local scene is on the rise. That doesn’t mean we should be complacent; there’s always room for more venues and events for artists, musicians, and local foodies to showcase their craft. Thanks to the incredible support of the people behind Revolution and the stronghold of regulars for Digital Love, the new-ish downtown venue Green Room will now become a destination for local art and music lovers through the weekend, not just Thursday nights. Starting this Saturday, May 28th, the Green Room will introduce Gallery Saturdays. Below is the official press release:

Green Room Gallery Night Grand Opening

Art and music collide this Memorial Day weekend at Fort Lauderdale’s hottest new lounge, Green Room, the newest addition to the Revolution-America’s Backyard complex. On May 28th, Green Room kicks off its newest night, Gallery Saturdays, which will take place every Saturday night. Each month Green Room will feature a variety of local artists in the lounge’s loft area, which has been transformed into a sleek, new gallery space. The grand opening will feature Fort Lauderdale’s most sought after artists- Sean Murdock, Laura Atria, Laura Marie Peterson, Solé Del Real, Gina Bentivegna, and John Bernasconi. Eye and ear candy abound at the lounge’s grand opening! In addition to art displayed in the gallery, the grand opening event will include a live and gallery art exhibition by Gina Bentivegna, video installations by Ana Perez, delicious treats from CloudNine Cupcakes, and a fashion show by famed Fort Lauderdale designer, McLaine O. as well as a sultry burlesque show by The Reckless Dames. Local band, Pretty Please will be performing live and later, DJs Andie Sweetswirl and MIG will provide the soundtrack for the night.

Drink specials include $2 PBR, $5 shots of Jack Daniels and a special on craft beers.

Admission: Free

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m very excited about everything that’s happening at Green Room. This blog was formed to promote all kinds of local art, music, and businesses — now with Gallery Saturdays, we’ll get all that every weekend. Come out this Saturday and check out the event for yourself. With this many creative types merging in one space, it’s sure to be a great time. RSVP to for FREE CHAMPAGNE from 9-11. Hope to see you out there.

For full disclosure, I (Mig) help put together nights for Green Room. Regardless, I promise you that my excitement is very genuine and not just to get heads in the door. It’s indisputable that this weekly event/venue will be a great addition to the arts scene in Ft Lauderdale.

Astari Nite Releases New EP

By Strawberry Jam

When it comes to the South Florida music scene, Astari Nite is a name that pops up often and for good reason.  The hardworking band of four consistently pleases crowds from Palm Beach to Miami-Dade and since its inception has developed quite the rep, even scoring a stage at this year’s Ultra Music Festival.  This Saturday, the band kicks off the release of their new EP at The Stage in Miami and unveils four new tracks.

The latest Astari Nite EP continues to reflect the band’s already established style of mostly fast-paced new wave (Astrid may be the exception with a slightly slower, but just as melodic, intro with a pick up in the chorus.) Gesture of Submission, perhaps the catchiest and most post-punk sounding song on the EP, along with Saddest Satellite, probably best showcase the band’s influences- the two songs’ lyrics and vocals echoing that of New Order and The Cure.  You might say nods or emulation to the Brit rockers may be obvious, but that would be paying Astari Nite a compliment.  Only after you realize what a flawless job the band does fitting right into character do you come to appreciate their authenticity and the genuinely great job this band does.

Catch Astari Nite with The State Of, Saturday, May 28th at 10pm The Stage 170 NE 38th St Miami, FL

Astrid by AstariNite

Interview With Danny Hammontree, Artist At This Thursday’s Dialect

By Strawberry Jam

Thursday, Twilight Notes and Freedom Art are teaming up for this month’s Dialect to bring you another exceptional night of art and music. This time they’ll be featuring nine photographers from the South Florida area and DJs Kent Lawlor, Mikey Ramirez, and Adam Foster. Come and lounge in the intimate comfort of Brew, soak up some good tunes, and perhaps buy some art to take home with you. We’re super-excited for this one and below have an interview with one of the artists, Danny Hammontree.

Photo by Danny Hammontree

This will be your second time participating in Dialect but you’ve been around for a while. How and when did you get started in photography?

I have always had an interest in photography but didn’t get into it seriously until 2003 when I bought my first serious camera. In the beginning I started shooting everything but most of all my children. At one point I thought I wanted to to do glamour/fashion photography but quickly developed a distaste for it. In 2005 I also developed a huge distaste for George W. Bush and the decision to go into Iraq. I heard about an anti-war rally in Miami and went down to photograph it. My intentions in photographing were because I was against the war but also because I felt it was a great way to photograph people without having to ask them first if I could. When I got home I quickly posted my photos to art and photography communities I was a part of online namely deviantART and Flickr and got great responses from them. This feedback fueled my interest and I began hunting down opportunities to photograph social and political events I was most interested in and most importantly believed in. I feel the meshing of passions made my photography better and inspired me more.


2ofUs Gets By Quite Well With A Little Help From Their Friends

By Strawberry Jam

We previously posted about the already tasty and lively Field Irish Pub hosting the Hot Rod Show. Read below to find out about their charming duo 2ofUs Beatles Tribute band.

It seems to me that most people either love the nostalgia and music of the Beatles or can’t stomach their “cheesiness” as they might call it. Any Beatles fan would know that the songs go beyond corny and delve into concepts and phases like few others have, from pop to mature experimentation, carving a path that many would follow in one way or another. 2ofUs the Tribute Band seems to appropriately showcase the evolution of the Beatles’ music through a variety of songs, though I admit, maybe dressed a bit cheesy (they wore identical outfits this night).

In no time, it’s evident that the two do justice to the songs lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally, not to mention physically look the part (McCartney and Lennon, whose songs they feature). The duo take turns singing separately as well as harmonizing, making up for a slightly smaller crowd than Hot Rod, by filling The Field with the notion that you might actually be watching the real thing years ago in a small pub in Liverpool.

As the cherry on top, their humble (though solid) audience adds to the experience through genuine smiles and other expressions of satisfaction, a variety of tambourines, song requests which were immediately honored, and group drinking. A proper night at the pub.

Side Note: Though The Field’s menu is largely designed for the carnivore in you, there are a couple of fish options and a surprisingly satisfying Veggie Burger. The sandwich, which actually doesn’t taste like it was dusted off in the back before being thrown in the fryer, may very well be made on-site,with chopped onion, whole peas and green beans of some sort visible in the patty. Update: Though it sure tastes homemade, The Field confirms their veggie burger is not made there.

2ofUs Beatles Tribute Band can be seen at various venues including Waxy’s on 17th Street and Lauderdale Grill on Cordova Rd. View all gigs here.

12 Must-See Bands at the SW 3rd Avenue Music Festival in Downtown FTL

We’re often subjected to crossing county lines to witness quality, massive local lineups (i.e. Zit Fest, Lake Worth It Festival, Respectable Street yearly anniversary party, Death To The Sun, Sweatstock, to name a few). I’m not complaining- I’m more than happy to make the drive to Miami or Palm Beach to support South Florida’s burgeoning music and arts scene. It’s just kind of nice to have a high caliber, local music event in our own backyard every once in awhile. like the one we’ll be experiencing tomorrow. Well, thanks to the people at Revolution and Poor House, we finally have our own epic gathering of quality South Florida bands, the SW 3rd Avenue Music Festival (WARNING: don’t judge this event by its mundane name). With 25 bands on 5 stages with overlapping set times, 1 skateboard half pipe, and a handful DJs, you’ll have a lot of tough decisions to make in regards to what to see. Note: 4 of the 5 stages are FREE, Revolution’s stage where Nonpoint is headlining costs $11.

Although the FTLC staff plans on mingling at every stage at some point, we’ve compiled a list of 12, what we think, must-see performances this Friday. New Times did a great post covering music for all the acts on their Green Room stage. Click here to stream audio from Lavola, The New, Plains, Young Circles, The Dewars, and John Ralston.  We’ve provided the rest.