the 4th Annual Super 8 Cinema Soiree is back at The Bubble

Remember last year’s April Fools Day joke that Art Basel was moving to Fort Lauderdale. Little did author Victor Gonzalez and the commenters know, but FTL already has its own art week called Fort Basel and it’s free of invite-only parties (shame on you Spotify and Ricochet Lounge) or super exclusive Susan Sarandon ping pong parties (it’s not what you think).

Tonight, we strongly encourage Fort Basel revelers to check out the 4th Annual 1:1 Super 8 Soirée, a night that celebrates the raw nature of filmmaking. If you hadn’t guessed by the event title, all entries into this non-contest (no winners or losers, just fun) film fest are made using Super 8 mm film. There’s a lot more to the event which is being held at FTLC favorite The Bubble; the official Facebook page does an excellent job detailing all the rules and things to expect (or unexpect). So…

Straight from the Facebook page:

Established in 2006, the 1:1 Super 8 Cinema Soirée is an annual South Florida event celebrating the use of super 8 film. Local filmmakers and artists gleefully take part in this distinct event, loading their cameras with 3m20s of film, nervously creating their masterpieces.

The 1:1 Super 8 Cinema Soirée is distinct in that none of the films are viewed by the filmmakers before the screening. Participants are not allowed to preview or edit their films. No matter what imperfections, happy accidents, or planned technical attributes occur, what’s shot in-camera is what’s shown. There is no opportunity to make changes. Each participant gets one chance, one reel, and one take, premiering the films at a one night collective screening.

Sound is done separately, most often designed, edited, and mixed after filming. It’s then played back live at the screening as a type of dual sync system. Other sound options for participants include projecting the film silent or adding live audio, which in-turn, adds a performative element. “

It’s $5 to get in. The event runs from 6:30-10ish, first screening starts at 7:30. The Bubble is located at 810 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. The official after party is at Poor House w/ live performances by Bonnet People, Suede Dudes, and Dooms De Pop.

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