By Strawberry Jam

When it comes to the South Florida music scene, Astari Nite is a name that pops up often and for good reason.  The hardworking band of four consistently pleases crowds from Palm Beach to Miami-Dade and since its inception has developed quite the rep, even scoring a stage at this year’s Ultra Music Festival.  This Saturday, the band kicks off the release of their new EP at The Stage in Miami and unveils four new tracks.

The latest Astari Nite EP continues to reflect the band’s already established style of mostly fast-paced new wave (Astrid may be the exception with a slightly slower, but just as melodic, intro with a pick up in the chorus.) Gesture of Submission, perhaps the catchiest and most post-punk sounding song on the EP, along with Saddest Satellite, probably best showcase the band’s influences- the two songs’ lyrics and vocals echoing that of New Order and The Cure.  You might say nods or emulation to the Brit rockers may be obvious, but that would be paying Astari Nite a compliment.  Only after you realize what a flawless job the band does fitting right into character do you come to appreciate their authenticity and the genuinely great job this band does.

Catch Astari Nite with The State Of, Saturday, May 28th at 10pm The Stage 170 NE 38th St Miami, FL

Astrid by AstariNite

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