23 Local DJs at Dancegiving (That We Know About)

Say what you will about this Saturday’s 2nd annual Dancegiving Festival, a tri-venue smorgasbord of some of the world’s top DJs held at Revolution Live, but some FTLC staffers are pretty excited about this year’s festivities. With the cancellation of Identity Festival for a bogus hurricane, this event couldn’t come at a better time. After this weekend’s party, we’ll have nearly 4 months to recover until Miami gets invaded by WMC and Ultra in mid-March. Upping the ante, this year’s version of the fest expands to 5 stages total, which includes 2 new outdoor stages.

We’d be kidding ourselves if we said we weren’t looking forward the most to catching the bigger national headliners (hello MSTRKRFT), but it’s worth noting that there are 35 Florida DJs on the lineup. For FTLC blogging purposes we’re only concerned with the DJs with 954, 754, 305, 786, & 561 area codes. We found 23, but I’m sure we missed a few because A) half the names are hard to Google (looking at you Elements), and B) a handful of potentially local DJs decided that they’d rather rep a fake city (“Schwagville”, really?). That being said, this is what I was able to round up (all my favorites are in the first 7, after that it’s random order). Check the festival schedule set times.

Afrobeta – Play House (Brass Knuckles Remix)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/10430454″]

Phoenix – Fences (GTA Bootleg)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/15877395″]

Renegades Of Funk – Dancegiving Promo Mix

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/23644982″]

Jay Z & Kanye West – NI**AS In Paris (Caligula Remix)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/22168665″]

Juan Basshead – Live from Get Low WMC ’11

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/12419364″]

Arias – Bass Invaders

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/13863415″]

Modest Mouse – Float On (Landis Remix)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/21216192″]


Local Music Roundup: Retrocities, Young Circles, & Little Beard

It’s early in the week and there’s already so much new local music circulating the web. Here is a summary of just a handful of local bands that released new music this week.


Retrocities release new EP

I think it’s pretty safe to say that  Retrocities are big fans of Joy Division, Morrisey, and The Cure. The Pompano Beach trio channels these great bands in their newest EP. The FTLC has been anxiously waiting to hear some recordings from these guys; their latest release doesn’t disappoint. Stream 3 of the 5 tracks below:

Young Circles

Young Circles release Jungle Habits

HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Until midnight tonight, you can download for free Young Circles’ newest album Jungle Habits from their Bandcamp. I’m a big fan of this album, and especially love their song 2012– it’s one of my favorite tracks of the year.

Worth mentioning, these experimental rockers are amazing live.

Little Beard

Little Beard new song Me Too

Lo-fi  rock band Little Beard make fun, beach cruising music. Think of bands like Best Coast, Wavves, Tennis, or even a little of Jacuzzi Boys. Their latest song Me Too (download for FREE on Little Beard’s Bandcamp) is more of the same. I like everything this band has recorded thus far.

Art And Music + Art About Music

It’s that time of month again.  Twilight Notes and Freedom Art are coming together to bring you another night of art and music- literally, this time.  The theme for tonight’s Dialect will show various artists’ representations of their love for the two subjects. Additionally, Twilight Notes DJs will display some select album art from their collections.  Artists include Joseph Baum, Greg Dubois, Sarah Duggan, Luzalma Gonzalez, Erik Michael K, and Jose Lopez.  Eric Pamphile will be DJing, in addition to JAMS (DJs Esoteric and Damask) who will be handing out their new summer mixtape which is a work of art in itself.  Check it out below.

Dialect is tonight, Thursday, July 7 from 8pm-12:30 at Brew 209 SW 2nd Ave FTL

Deaf Poets, Deaf-initely Rockin’

Miami Beach duo Deaf Poets

By Strawberry Jam

In addition to our heartfelt list of Monday afternoon thanks, we’d like to also mention the band that graced the stage of our unofficial, not-so-advertised after party at the Green Room. Throughout the last year, we truly have tried to keep it local, but it’s tough, especially when it comes to bands that really get us riled up, like Miami Beach’s Deaf Poets.

Though we had heard of Deaf Poets before, we didn’t actually get a chance to catch them until this past May’s SW 3rd Ave Music Festival (if you missed out, you missed out, honestly).  Obviously, we felt pretty excited to book them ourselves (on behalf of Mig, I suppose).  And if you haven’t seen them yet, make sure to keep an eye on these guys as you’re about to find out what makes them so pretty cool.

For one, the duo (it’s a two man gig) has got quite some catchy tunes. Granted, they’ve got a few slower ones, but we’ll be damned if they don’t have you toe-tapping to all of them.  Check out Cold Cold Thieves at the end of the post.

Secondly, it’s pretty hard to not be captivated when the passion between these guys is so evident. Not only do they look like they’re super into it, but they almost look like they’re rooting each other on (hey, I guess you gotta make up for a lack of members somehow, not that this band seems like they’re lacking anything). When Chillwave’s biggest critics argue the talent of one guy and his laptop it’s pretty difficult to defend two guys and two instruments.

Which leads us to our next point, how can only two guys make you forget you’re watching only two guys? Watching lead singer Sean Wouters’ amazing footwork is enough to keep you entertained not to mention the previously written catchy vocals or instrumentals. To explain, I have yet to see anyone outside of a major city ballet troupe showcase that kind of intensity and grace.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s not. And once you see, you’ll get it.

If through our wayward writing we’ve lost you, give the below tracks a listen, or just take our word for it and check Deaf Poets out live.


The FTL Collective would like to thank everyone who helped make our 1 year anniversary party last Saturday so amazing. It’s kind of risky to recite a list of everyone we want to thank because we’re bound to forget someone, but we’re going to do it anyway.

Thanks to the people behind The Bubble for letting us throw our birthday bash at your space. That includes everyone from the door people to the bartenders to the people that helped set up and clean up. Thanks to Manifest Test Subject, Lavola, Ryan Alexander, Retrocities, Brady Newbill, The Goddamn Hustle, and Travalonia for the great performances. Thanks to all the artists who showcased their incredible work at our party: Ari Justin Rothenberg, Luzalma Gonzalez, Rachel DeJohn, Laura Atria, and South Florida Camera Club members Danny Hammontree, Tracy Mendy, Nancy Goldwin, Jayne Villamizar, Lauren Britz. Thanks to Frank for cooking up some delicious food on the grill. Thanks to Kimber Kirton (Penelope Lane Photography) for bringing her zany photo booth. Thanks to Green Room for donating some delicious bottles of vodka for the party. Thanks to every single person that attended the party. It really meant a lot to us to see everyone out there. And thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out our website over the past year. We appreciate all of our readers, even the ones that couldn’t make it this past Saturday.

If you weren’t able to make it, here are some tunes from some of the bands that performed. Enjoy.

Manifest Test Subject – Castle Crashers
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/17093680″]

The Goddamn Hustle – Bodies
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/16067493″]

Ryan Alexander – Catacombs & Caves (acoustic)

Retrocities – City Nights and Written By Machinery (live @ Propaganda)

Travalonia – Camera Failure (live @ The Bubble)



Art And Music Collide For Gallery Saturdays At Green Room

every Saturday, local art, music, and local foodies showcase their talents at Green Room

With the emergence of FAT Village art walks, Digital Love Thursdays, The Bubble, various artist collectives, the opening of Laser Wolf, downtown music fests, and the food truck invasion, there’s no doubt that Fort Lauderdale’s local scene is on the rise. That doesn’t mean we should be complacent; there’s always room for more venues and events for artists, musicians, and local foodies to showcase their craft. Thanks to the incredible support of the people behind Revolution and the stronghold of regulars for Digital Love, the new-ish downtown venue Green Room will now become a destination for local art and music lovers through the weekend, not just Thursday nights. Starting this Saturday, May 28th, the Green Room will introduce Gallery Saturdays. Below is the official press release:

Green Room Gallery Night Grand Opening

Art and music collide this Memorial Day weekend at Fort Lauderdale’s hottest new lounge, Green Room, the newest addition to the Revolution-America’s Backyard complex. On May 28th, Green Room kicks off its newest night, Gallery Saturdays, which will take place every Saturday night. Each month Green Room will feature a variety of local artists in the lounge’s loft area, which has been transformed into a sleek, new gallery space. The grand opening will feature Fort Lauderdale’s most sought after artists- Sean Murdock, Laura Atria, Laura Marie Peterson, Solé Del Real, Gina Bentivegna, and John Bernasconi. Eye and ear candy abound at the lounge’s grand opening! In addition to art displayed in the gallery, the grand opening event will include a live and gallery art exhibition by Gina Bentivegna, video installations by Ana Perez, delicious treats from CloudNine Cupcakes, and a fashion show by famed Fort Lauderdale designer, McLaine O. as well as a sultry burlesque show by The Reckless Dames. Local band, Pretty Please will be performing live and later, DJs Andie Sweetswirl and MIG will provide the soundtrack for the night.

Drink specials include $2 PBR, $5 shots of Jack Daniels and a special on craft beers.

Admission: Free

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m very excited about everything that’s happening at Green Room. This blog was formed to promote all kinds of local art, music, and businesses — now with Gallery Saturdays, we’ll get all that every weekend. Come out this Saturday and check out the event for yourself. With this many creative types merging in one space, it’s sure to be a great time. RSVP to mig@ftlcollective.com for FREE CHAMPAGNE from 9-11. Hope to see you out there.

For full disclosure, I (Mig) help put together nights for Green Room. Regardless, I promise you that my excitement is very genuine and not just to get heads in the door. It’s indisputable that this weekly event/venue will be a great addition to the arts scene in Ft Lauderdale.