Miami Beach duo Deaf Poets

By Strawberry Jam

In addition to our heartfelt list of Monday afternoon thanks, we’d like to also mention the band that graced the stage of our unofficial, not-so-advertised after party at the Green Room. Throughout the last year, we truly have tried to keep it local, but it’s tough, especially when it comes to bands that really get us riled up, like Miami Beach’s Deaf Poets.

Though we had heard of Deaf Poets before, we didn’t actually get a chance to catch them until this past May’s SW 3rd Ave Music Festival (if you missed out, you missed out, honestly).  Obviously, we felt pretty excited to book them ourselves (on behalf of Mig, I suppose).  And if you haven’t seen them yet, make sure to keep an eye on these guys as you’re about to find out what makes them so pretty cool.

For one, the duo (it’s a two man gig) has got quite some catchy tunes. Granted, they’ve got a few slower ones, but we’ll be damned if they don’t have you toe-tapping to all of them.  Check out Cold Cold Thieves at the end of the post.

Secondly, it’s pretty hard to not be captivated when the passion between these guys is so evident. Not only do they look like they’re super into it, but they almost look like they’re rooting each other on (hey, I guess you gotta make up for a lack of members somehow, not that this band seems like they’re lacking anything). When Chillwave’s biggest critics argue the talent of one guy and his laptop it’s pretty difficult to defend two guys and two instruments.

Which leads us to our next point, how can only two guys make you forget you’re watching only two guys? Watching lead singer Sean Wouters’ amazing footwork is enough to keep you entertained not to mention the previously written catchy vocals or instrumentals. To explain, I have yet to see anyone outside of a major city ballet troupe showcase that kind of intensity and grace.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s not. And once you see, you’ll get it.

If through our wayward writing we’ve lost you, give the below tracks a listen, or just take our word for it and check Deaf Poets out live.

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