By Strawberry Jam

We previously posted about the already tasty and lively Field Irish Pub hosting the Hot Rod Show. Read below to find out about their charming duo 2ofUs Beatles Tribute band.

It seems to me that most people either love the nostalgia and music of the Beatles or can’t stomach their “cheesiness” as they might call it. Any Beatles fan would know that the songs go beyond corny and delve into concepts and phases like few others have, from pop to mature experimentation, carving a path that many would follow in one way or another. 2ofUs the Tribute Band seems to appropriately showcase the evolution of the Beatles’ music through a variety of songs, though I admit, maybe dressed a bit cheesy (they wore identical outfits this night).

In no time, it’s evident that the two do justice to the songs lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally, not to mention physically look the part (McCartney and Lennon, whose songs they feature). The duo take turns singing separately as well as harmonizing, making up for a slightly smaller crowd than Hot Rod, by filling The Field with the notion that you might actually be watching the real thing years ago in a small pub in Liverpool.

As the cherry on top, their humble (though solid) audience adds to the experience through genuine smiles and other expressions of satisfaction, a variety of tambourines, song requests which were immediately honored, and group drinking. A proper night at the pub.

Side Note: Though The Field’s menu is largely designed for the carnivore in you, there are a couple of fish options and a surprisingly satisfying Veggie Burger. The sandwich, which actually doesn’t taste like it was dusted off in the back before being thrown in the fryer, may very well be made on-site,with chopped onion, whole peas and green beans of some sort visible in the patty. Update: Though it sure tastes homemade, The Field confirms their veggie burger is not made there.

2ofUs Beatles Tribute Band can be seen at various venues including Waxy’s on 17th Street and Lauderdale Grill on Cordova Rd. View all gigs here.

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