Are You Ready For Some Kickball

by J Fine

I want to help all our readers work towards accomplishing their New Years resolution to destroy the FTLC 365 Things To Do In Fort Lauderdale list. #243: Invade a weekly kickball party at Dicey Riley’s. The Fl Ocean – Winter 2011 Division (kickball) is currently open for registration. To find out what’s so special about Ocean Division I contacted Captain Sparkles AKA Jayne.

Me: Okay Sparkles, what is different about the Ocean division?
C.S.: We play hard, but we party harder. Ocean is on Saturday at 3pm and 4pm. No one has to work in the morning. Its fun and a great way to unwind.
Me: Dicey Riley’s is the sponsor bar?
C.S.: Yup, after the games they will have drink specials and free food.
Me: Cool, who joins? Usually the same people or new people?
C.S.: Both. New players and returning. I wouldn’t know people in Florida if I hadn’t joined WAKA. There have been kickball weddings, babies. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.
Me: It will be my first season. What skill is required?
C.S.: Ocean is beginner level, non-competitive kickball. Like third grade kickball with drinking.
Me: Fair enough. I can do that.
C.S.: Flip-Cup skills do help.
Me: I should practice. How does the evening typically go following kickball?
C.S.: We start at the sponsor bar, Dicey’s and have ended up on an impromptu pub-crawl. Really fun times with good people.
Me: Thank you for your time Sparkles and I will see you on the field.
C.S.: No problem, see ya FTLC

For more information about Ocean Division you can reach Captain Sparkles at: or visit their WAKA’s website. I hope that some of you will join me while I meet new people, master the fine art of Flip-Cup and cross #243 off my list… while learning how to play kickball of course.

Registration costs $74/per player.
“The fee you pay varies by division due to individual city & park costs. Your fee covers such things as game equipment, WAKA team t-shirt for each player, field rental & general security. WAKA also provides a division tournament, a chance to play in the Regional and World Tournaments, membership in the social organization, personal WAKA player cards, funds towards the division’s parties and awards, help in developing the chosen charity, specials/discounts at the sponsor restaurant/bar, and other general operational costs & insurance”

Annihilate This Weekend

Happy New Year FTL! You have had an entire week to shake the NYE hangover. Here are two ideas for your Saturday itinerary.

Saturday January 8th the New Orleans Saints play the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC wild-card round playoff game. This is an excellent opportunity to try Shuck N Dive – Cajun Cafe. Shuck N Dive is located at 650 N Federal Highway (in the Victoria Park Winn-Dixie plaza). Shuck N Dive is where local New Orleans Saints fans gather to cheer on the football team. It is an experience to watch even part of a game with these loyal Saints fans. Shuck N Dive’s menu is reasonably priced and delish. I recommend the fried green tomatoes. Wear your black and gold, do not use your cell phone inside and get there early to claim a good seat at the bar – games at 4:30pm.

Saturday night check out:Gurty and Steve Whittenberger’s Art Show. The art show is hosted by “The Bubble” IWAN Concept Production Facility located at 810 NE 4th Ave. Gurty (Nichlolas Begley) and Steve Whittenberger both reside in FTL. The artists currently make people a little more colorful at Rock-A-Billy Tattoo (Located in Lauderhill). The show is from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. $5 at the door, $10 21/over +beer. Below are two different flyers for the event.


Skanksgiving Eve with The Methodaires and Howitzer

by Guest Writer J. FineHowitzer Methodaires Poorhouse Lauderdale

Each year individuals are faced with the same daunting dilemma, where to spend their Thanksgiving Eve. Quality time with one’s family looming this decision cannot be taken lightly.

This year, after much consideration, I have decided my pre-Tofurky time will be spent at the Poorhouse in Downtown FTL. This Wednesday Poorhouse offers The Methodaires and Howitzer.

The Methodaires will be gracing the Poorhouse for the first time in two years. The ska, reggae, and soul band have been together three years. They were joined by singer Nia Divine about a year and a half ago. The Methodaires cover the Police, The Specials and perform original music; Nia Divine performing Erykah Badu’s Tyrone is a must see. The Methodaires will get you off your bar stool and shaking your turkey feathers.

Howitzer a street rock band with a hardcore influence will finish off the night. Howitzer was started by brothers Jay and Russ in 1995. Since the bands inception members have changed however Jay and Russ have continued to provide guitar, bass and vocals. Today Howitzer brings a cohesive group of skilled passionate musicians together to ring in the early hours of your Thanksgiving.

The Methodaires and Howitzer are a sure bet when deciding what to do with your Wednesday night. Two incredibly talented bands together at a FTL staple such as Poorhouse and you can’t go wrong. Have fun, be safe and tip your bartender!

Here’s Conspiracy by Howitzer.

Here’s Hygrade by The Methodaires

If Monterey Club is rockin, don’t bother knocking!

by Guest Writer J. Fine

Tonight is a good time to pay a visit to the Monterey Club in FTL who’s “rockabilly” ambiance is perfect for the bands playing – Laramie Dean, No Class Action, and To Be Hated. I would first suggest that if you are of legal drinking age and plan to get your drunk on, that you do one or all of the following; plan to do a little tailgating, pre-game, or bring a flask. Monterey Club, while being a very hip and swanky venue which books good shows; lacks in the booze department. My 85 year old Nana would be hard pressed to catch a buzz in this bar. If this is something you are not accustomed to, plan ahead.

First band in Friday’s line up is No Class Action whose music can best be described as hardcore. These upstanding young men are locals and have been playing together since 2009. With influences such as Raffi, John Denver and D.R.I. – you can’t go wrong. Not to mention song titles such as “Baby in a Microwave” and “Titty Bar Buffet”. Their last show at Monterey Club included midgets moshing (individuals with dwarfism moshing), so with an opening band like this one, get ready for an insane evening.

Next, your eardrums will be tickled, if not already blown out, by the music of local punk band To Be Hated (together since 2006). The self described “socially aware” (bunch of hippies) features a female vocalist, I like them already.

The night’s headliner is the amazing LARAMIE DEAN who is currently on his first solo tour joined by drummer Korey Kingston. The “Surf Punk” artist has toured with Agent Orange and was a guitar tech for Dick Dale. Upon exposure to just a taste of his music, you will be a fan after hearing the catchy tune Hava Nagila. And why don’t we do what the Hebrew saying suggests — that is rejoice that a band is still willing to make the schlep to Broward County from California. Hallelujah and mazel tov brother!

Tonight’s show at Monterey Club has a lot to offer from hardcore to surf punk and quite possibly some midget action – don’t miss it.

The Monterey Club

2608 South Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale

Doors open at 9pm; no cover