by J Fine

I want to help all our readers work towards accomplishing their New Years resolution to destroy the FTLC 365 Things To Do In Fort Lauderdale list. #243: Invade a weekly kickball party at Dicey Riley’s. The Fl Ocean – Winter 2011 Division (kickball) is currently open for registration. To find out what’s so special about Ocean Division I contacted Captain Sparkles AKA Jayne.

Me: Okay Sparkles, what is different about the Ocean division?
C.S.: We play hard, but we party harder. Ocean is on Saturday at 3pm and 4pm. No one has to work in the morning. Its fun and a great way to unwind.
Me: Dicey Riley’s is the sponsor bar?
C.S.: Yup, after the games they will have drink specials and free food.
Me: Cool, who joins? Usually the same people or new people?
C.S.: Both. New players and returning. I wouldn’t know people in Florida if I hadn’t joined WAKA. There have been kickball weddings, babies. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.
Me: It will be my first season. What skill is required?
C.S.: Ocean is beginner level, non-competitive kickball. Like third grade kickball with drinking.
Me: Fair enough. I can do that.
C.S.: Flip-Cup skills do help.
Me: I should practice. How does the evening typically go following kickball?
C.S.: We start at the sponsor bar, Dicey’s and have ended up on an impromptu pub-crawl. Really fun times with good people.
Me: Thank you for your time Sparkles and I will see you on the field.
C.S.: No problem, see ya FTLC

For more information about Ocean Division you can reach Captain Sparkles at: or visit their WAKA’s website. I hope that some of you will join me while I meet new people, master the fine art of Flip-Cup and cross #243 off my list… while learning how to play kickball of course.

Registration costs $74/per player.
“The fee you pay varies by division due to individual city & park costs. Your fee covers such things as game equipment, WAKA team t-shirt for each player, field rental & general security. WAKA also provides a division tournament, a chance to play in the Regional and World Tournaments, membership in the social organization, personal WAKA player cards, funds towards the division’s parties and awards, help in developing the chosen charity, specials/discounts at the sponsor restaurant/bar, and other general operational costs & insurance”

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