by Guest Writer J. Fine

Tonight is a good time to pay a visit to the Monterey Club in FTL who’s “rockabilly” ambiance is perfect for the bands playing – Laramie Dean, No Class Action, and To Be Hated. I would first suggest that if you are of legal drinking age and plan to get your drunk on, that you do one or all of the following; plan to do a little tailgating, pre-game, or bring a flask. Monterey Club, while being a very hip and swanky venue which books good shows; lacks in the booze department. My 85 year old Nana would be hard pressed to catch a buzz in this bar. If this is something you are not accustomed to, plan ahead.

First band in Friday’s line up is No Class Action whose music can best be described as hardcore. These upstanding young men are locals and have been playing together since 2009. With influences such as Raffi, John Denver and D.R.I. – you can’t go wrong. Not to mention song titles such as “Baby in a Microwave” and “Titty Bar Buffet”. Their last show at Monterey Club included midgets moshing (individuals with dwarfism moshing), so with an opening band like this one, get ready for an insane evening.

Next, your eardrums will be tickled, if not already blown out, by the music of local punk band To Be Hated (together since 2006). The self described “socially aware” (bunch of hippies) features a female vocalist, I like them already.

The night’s headliner is the amazing LARAMIE DEAN who is currently on his first solo tour joined by drummer Korey Kingston. The “Surf Punk” artist has toured with Agent Orange and was a guitar tech for Dick Dale. Upon exposure to just a taste of his music, you will be a fan after hearing the catchy tune Hava Nagila. And why don’t we do what the Hebrew saying suggests — that is rejoice that a band is still willing to make the schlep to Broward County from California. Hallelujah and mazel tov brother!

Tonight’s show at Monterey Club has a lot to offer from hardcore to surf punk and quite possibly some midget action – don’t miss it.

The Monterey Club

2608 South Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale

Doors open at 9pm; no cover

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