What has happened to Dennis Rodman? Assuming you are the type of person that likes to hang out in bars from time to time, a couple of years ago it seemed impossible NOT to see our local basketball/alternative-lifestyle legend partying it up, singing Pearl Jam songs with whichever of our fine city’s ubiquitous cover bands happened to be playing in your favorite watering hole, classing it up with the entourage at the Blue Martini, rubbing up on girls at Exit 66, you get the idea. But no more.

Of course, there was the unfortunate domestic violence incident in Las Vegas, after which he had the standard response of telling the press he would go to rehab. But locally it was assumed he was telling us in the FTL an inside joke: that he’d be hanging out at his own Rodman’s Rehab lounge attached to Voodoo. But no, he really seems to have disappeared. Sure, there were the reality show appearances, but that cannot account for two solid years. Maybe he has forsaken Dicey Riley’s for the more luxurious surroundings of South Beach. Maybe he is finally feeling some age and has been hitting the Boca restaurant circuit instead. Maybe the rehab stuck and he has gone the way of fellow Ft. Lauderdale legend and former teammate Scottie Pippen and is now living the straight life. I really do not know. Do you? Seriously, if you have seen the Worm, please let us know about it in the comments. Because we miss him.

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