by Mig

As a writer for an emerging blog that represents the city of FTL, it is my responsibility to occasionally surf the internet with the intention of finding mentions of our city’s name in various blogs, videos, or news sites. Last week, I stumbled on this eHow video about how to make a drink called Fort Lauderdale.

In my opinion, before an alcoholic beverage is named after a city, the recipe should be run by the residents of the respective municipality. My friends know my disdain for the upper half of Florida (or as I like to call it South Georgia), but that doesn’t give me the right to piss and vomit in a blender and call it the North Florida.

Because we are a blog that enjoys input from its readers, we would like for you guys to make suggestions for a new and improved version of the Fort Lauderdale. Let’s create a drink that encompasses the spirit of our great city. In other words, let’s put so much alcohol in it that even our town drunk, Mickey Clean, will think it’s too strong. Let’s not forget that we are nicknamed Fort Liquordale for a reason.

After mulling over everyone’s suggestions, we will post a follow-up at the end of the week, describing how to make the enhanced alcoholic beverage. Share your input by commenting below.

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