There’s an unholy amount of fun stuff going on in Broward. Here’s a day-by-day guide to the best events this week, starting this evening. Don’t forget to click the links for locations and extra info.


Hardcore drinkers unite! There is a bus loop tonight to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Fort Lauderdale. Don’t mind the fact that the real 100 year anniversary happens in 2011. Who cares if you have to work the next day? 9 drinks never hurt anyone. Although we think it makes a lot more sense to have Ft Lauderdale’s quarterly Christmas on Wednesday when no one has to work the next day and visitors will be in town, it’s a good cause to support. As usual, the money goes to charity. Check out the route and ticket info here. In addition to the loop, there will be a lighting ceremony of the 100 year sign on on Las Olas and A1A at 6:30pm.

Black(out) Wednesday

On Blackout Wednesday, allegedly the biggest weekday night to go out every year, our favorite dive Poorhouse will be hosting the Methodaires and Howitzer. Guest Writer J Fine wrote a preview of the show.

The annual Thanksgiving Eve block party Cranberry Jam is going on outside The Parrot off of Sunrise and A1A. Music by Cypress, Audio Heist, and DJ Russ. Price of admission ($20 prepay, $25 the day of) gets you free drinks from 6-9pm.

Thanksgiving Day

After recovering from your food coma, check out Stereo Synth, the weekly indie dance party at Monterey Club. DJ’s Lindersmash and Andie Sweetswirl will be spinning indie, new wave, 80s, electro, and straight up rock.

Black Friday

The Trash To Treasure Re-Use Center in Pompano is hosting an amazing lineup of local talent. I think the lineup speaks for itself, so I’ll just list it: Emily Reo
The Band In Heaven, Love Handles, Guy Harvey, Totally Nebular, Hear Hums, Sumsun, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Evan Mui, Dark Sea of Awareness, The Great Deceivers . For those unaware of Trash To Treasure, they’re an organization that finds reusable materials and distributes them for educational and artistic purposes. Mad props to Trash To Treasure for throwing this together. Donate $5 to enter the party.

I got an email yesterday morning about a new warehouse/”collaborative workspace” opening up around FAT Village Arts District called The Collide Factory. The party, known simply as Black Friday, will cost guys $10 for unlimited drinks. Ladies drink free. Considering, I’ve never heard of this place prior to Monday morning, I’m a little intrigued by this party. If anyone wants to write about The Collide Factory itself or this party, shoot me an email at

The first annual electronic music festival Dancegiving is happening all day at Revolution, The Green Room, and America’s Backyard. The lineup of DJs looks intriguing, especially LA Riots, Wolfgang Gartner, Steve Aoki, and local Amtrac. This event has the opportunity to be awesome or really cheesy. Hopefully, there won’t be any riots like the one this past weekend outside the Autumn Music Festival in Miami. The event starts at noon and runs until the wee hours of the morning. Tickets are $40. Buy them at the Revolution box office to avoid the Ticketbastard fees.


Meet at Maguire’s Hill 16 for the 10th annual Art Scavenger Hunt. Maps will be handed out around 8pm. You can keep up to 2 pieces of art. Cheaters not welcome. I’ve never been to any of the previous scavenger hunts, but this sounds like a lot of fun. The after party is at the Bubble.

Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional performs songs from Swiss Army Romance to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Check out Strawberry Jam’s post for more details.


Stay home and get your life together. You’ve had a long week.

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