We reported last week that long-time downtown favorite Creolina’s is returning to 2nd Street, taking Porterhouse’s old spot. Today we appear to have received official confirmation via Facebook and Twitter that this is true. Although the new restaurant will not be named Creolina’s (it will be named Bourbon on 2nd), it will be run by Creolina’s owner Mark Sulzinski and promises “Favorites-Creolina Style!” It will be very interesting to see how Bourbon on 2nd differs from Creolina’s. I expect it will have similar food to Creolina’s, but because the space is so much larger than Creolina’s old space and one would think they would keep Porterhouse’s huge bar intact, I predict more of a New Orleans-themed party atmosphere rather than the small purely food-focused establishment that was Creolina’s. That sounds great, as long as the food does not suffer. Because when the food suffers, we all suffer. And indeed we have been suffering since the old Creolina’s closed shop. Facebook says the soft-opening will be December 17 (tomorrow!) and encourages people to stop in and say hello. This FTLC correspondent will do just that.

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