by Mercedes J

What do Fort Lauderdale women look for in their men? Well this lady blogger, Mercedes J, prefers a gentleman with rugged good looks, captivating charm, a sense of humor, eccentric creativity, and a dash of humility.  What if I told all the ladies out there that you can find all of these qualities PLUS ENDLESS SUPPLIES OF FREE CIGARETTES? Yes, it’s true — the most eligible bachelor in Fort Lauderdale is a good looking, fun, creative type who will gladly give you a pack of smokes.  In exchange for showing your I.D. and a smile, this gift from God will give you one (or sometimes two) packs of the tobacco flavor for the day.  His name is Jayce – a.k.a. the downtown Camel cigarette giveaway guy.

I followed Mr. Jayce around as part of my investigative journalism to learn more about his craft.  With his backpack securely fastened (via a seat-belt) around his chest, I observed him strut all around downtown making one drunk after another extremely happy.  When Jayce enters a bar, heads turn and people cheer with glee.  The downtown cigarette guy is truly talented at what he does — he provides cigarettes to the needy in the utmost efficient and gracious manner.

After I elbowed people left and right and clawed my way through the crowd in order to get beside him, I had a chance to chat with Mr. Awesome himself.  I handed him my I.D. and scored two packs of smokes a few moments later.  I thanked him and sheepishly asked a few questions as I twirled my hair.  “So Jayce, I see you around downtown most weekend nights, where else can I stalk, er- find you?”  Jayce smiled warmly and told me that he can typically be found around the 2nd Street and Himmarshee area on Wednesdays through Saturdays.  After midnight on Thursday nights you will likely spot the handsome devil at West Palm Beach’s Respectable Street.  I giggled with delight about my newfound insider info.

“So Jayce, what kind of lady strikes your fancy?”  He laughed courteously and answered, “I love someone who can feel confident in what she wears and look good doing it, someone who gets my humor and can crack jokes with me.”  Jayce continued, “Also I like a woman who can hang at the Poorhouse with me, dance and shotgun a beer or two with my closest of friends.”

I stood there in awe as he moved on to help the next waiting cigarette recipient. WOW! I may have identified my future husband. Who knew that Fort Lauderdale hosted such amazing men like Jayce?  Oh who am I kidding?  There is only one most eligible bachelor, the downtown Camel cigarette giveaway guy.  SO BACK OFF, HE’S MINE!  Just kidding, we can share.  Sigh.

*For more information on how to ask Jayce out on a date, leave a note in the comments section.

Jayce, the downtown Ft Lauderdale cigarette guy
Jayce and a fan

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