by Fat HandMiami Dolphin Day at Huizenga Plaza

Pep Rally in Mr. H’s Plaza

First, at 4:30 Friday afternoon is the “Orange Offensive” Dolphins Pep Rally at Huizenga Plaza located at Las Olas and Andrews Ave.  Remember how much fun high school pep rallies were? No, you don’t? Well now imagine if instead of high school kids, it’s a bunch of adults.  Yeah, that sounds good to me too.  Actually, there is something that we can all cheer about: last year’s pep rally featured a Jimmy Buffet-themed band…not Buffet himself mind you, just Buffet-themed. But the Miami Dolphins’ Jimmy Buffet era is behind us like the chicken pox…supposedly that will never happen again.  So come out to Huizenga Plaza sporting your most offensive orange clothing and support the Fins before their home opener against that green team Darrelle Revis used to play for.

Las Vegas! In Miami! In Downtown Ft. Lauderdale at Riverside Hotel’s huge mistake!

Conveniently starting 1/2 hour after the end of the Offensive Orange Pep Rally in a convenient location just three blocks east on Las Olas Boulevard, an outdoor cocktail party!  Now, the Riverside Hotel is a building. I am a person. But I really understand the Riverside Hotel. Not their fancy rooms or why they continue to put those ugly gold lions out front, but I understand starting a huge project, sticking with the project just long enough to cause real damage, and then getting tired of the project and completely ignoring it, trying to convince myself there never really was a project.  Riverside Hotel decided to expand, evicted several of Las Olas’ more successful businesses, tore down a block of buildings, and then got tired of the whole thing.  Years later, we now have…kind of a park!  And tonight, that kind-of-a-park is hosting something called “Gravitate”, described as “Las Vegas Nightlife with South Beach Style”, and then in much smaller letters “on the lawn at Riverside Hotel.”  The New Times has a blatently self-promotional slideshow of photos from a previous Gravitate event.  Take a look at the pics and if it looks fun, be there tonight, and be sure to get your VIP table and bottle specials.  I looked at the pictures, and I plan to attend anyway.

Lawn Party on Las Olas

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