by Mig

sole member of the FTLC as of 9/17/10

If you see me in the streets, come say hi!

Every blogger fears it, but most refuse to believe it’ll happen to them….and then it hits you like a ton of Riverwalk bricks. I am referring to Blogger’s Despair, the moment when you question whether or not you should keep your web log alive. There are many causes for BD, but in my case, it’s the fact that the FTLC has lost it’s ‘collective’ of writers and the guest writers stockpile of articles has run dry. Some moved on to paid blogging gigs, others retired early, some got bloggers block (another common blogging illness). Fact of the matter is, after 71 posts, I’m the only one left among the founding fathers/mothers. Unfortunately, lots of promising South Florida blogs experience BD and die early deaths; I refuse to let the FTLC go inactive anytime soon.

In the future weeks/months, I plan on:

  • finding new guest writers and potential staff members.
  • making physical changes to the website to make it easier to navigate and find useful links.
  • diversifying the topics of the articles. Specifically, more about local music and dining.
  • organizing another party, similar to our highly successful launch party in June.
  • starting a guerrilla ad campaign to attract new readers.
  • continuing to stay true to the 3 F’s (Fort, Factual, and sometimes Funny)

If you enjoy writing, and would be interested in blogging about greater FTL (pretty much all of Broward County) send me an email at .

Find me in the streets and say hi (that’s me in the photo above). Thanks for reading our blog. ¡Viva el FTLC!

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