Strikers celebrate against Puerto Rico

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By Fat Hand

We have written about the Fort Lauderdale Strikers previously, but to reiterate, if you enjoy sports you have got to check them out. Saturday they played the Puerto Rico Islanders and it was one of the more enjoyable sporting events I have attended recently. The Strikers secured their first home win of the season 3-2 with two late goals after the game had seemed to slip away from them. The Strikers had a 1-0 halftime lead and were playing with an extra man after a Puerto Rico player was ejected for stomping on one of our guys. But the Islanders took the lead with two quick goals around the 60th minute. After scoring the second goal, the Puerto Rico player taunted the main Strikers cheering section by running over to us with his hand cupping his ear, as if to say “I can’t hear you.” But we’re not going to take that: one local hero ran to the front of the stands and chucked his beer at the Puerto Rico player, nailing him in the chest. It was of those split second decisions that was undoubtedly disliked by some, but necessary to defend our honor. This is OUR Fort. The fan was ejected from the game by security that seemed reluctant to throw him out, but were just doing their job.

Meanwhile, the Strikers responded with two late goals setting off pandemoniom in the stands. The game ended a couple of minutes later and then the teams proceeded to brawl after the final whistle. Damn it was a fun Strikers game. I declare Puerto Rico our new rival. Fuck those guys.

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