by MigCourtney Hambrights' Mood Vane

Local music is a common interest among all of the FTLC bloggers. Oftentimes, our weekend plans revolve around checking out some of our favorite artists or bands that we hadn’t seen before.  The problem is, there aren’t enough outlets for information about upcoming shows or regional bands. Outside of the powerhouse blogs such as New Times’ County Grind (headed by the huggable Reed Fischer) and City Link’s Mixtape, no local blog follows the current rock ‘n roll scene better than Mood Vane’s Courtney Hambright. Before Poorhouse had a website with an event calendar (it’s about frickin’ time!), her blog was the only way we’d know what band was playing at our preferred downtown watering hole. The first time I read about a show at Monterey Club was from Courtney’s website. When 1921 was throwing parties with bands and DJ Mig (shameless plug, I know) every third Friday, she was the first on the scene. Many times, I’ll learn about new Broward bands from her posts. Plain and simple, quality local music blogs are as common as submarine sightings off the coast of Fort Lauderdale Beach. If you like supporting local music, there’s no excuse to not subscribe to Mood Vane.

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