by Mig

The name Scott Stapp evokes several different images in people’s minds. Some people probably still remember him as the religious, lead singer of post-grunge band Creed, who wrote a heartfelt song for his kid that ended up being the bands top hit With Arms Wide Open. I tend to remember him for his slew of outrageous, negative publicity: the feud with rap-rock pioneer Fred Durst and the boxing match that never happened, the Thanksgiving Day drunken brawl between Stapp and the lead singer of 311 in a Baltimore hotel lounge, the infamous “it’s good to be king” sex tape with Kid Rock (not with each other), and my favorite — his latest, idiotic song about the the Florida Marlins.

In lieu of his acoustic gig tomorrow at Revolution, I’ve decided to grace you with the video for Marlins Will Soar (at the bottom of the post). I know many of you have probably seen this (it’s been mentioned nationally, usually in jest), but it always makes my day a little brighter. In my opinion, it’s still not as bad as T-Pain’s rendition of the Miami Dolphins touchdown song or Jimmy Buffet’s Fins (Dolphin’s Version).

If you’re like me, and don’t like wasting your hard earned greenbacks to watch a washed up, train wreck strumming his wooden guitar — you can do that for free at Briny’s anyway — you might think about checking out 2 talented, local rappers, Protoman and Gaps, at Monterey Club tonight. The event is being heralded as a birthday extravaganza, no cover charge. Below are some song streams. Go to their myspace accounts (click on links above), they have a lot more tuneage and even some free downloads.

Protoman – Wake Up

Protoman – Can I Have It Like That

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Gaps – Another Fresh Cut (Incision Remix)

Gaps – While You Sleep

And now, I leave you with the infamous viral hit about fish soaring. What the hell was he thinking?

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