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Every city has it’s default “dangerous” neighborhood — Liberty City in Miami, Compton in Los Angeles, Harlem in New York City, you get the idea. Fort Lauderdale has Sistrunk. Most people I know haven’t traveled far down NW 6th Street because of the neighborhood’s bad reputation; sadly, this means that they’ve probably missed out on one of the tastiest budget eateries in our city, Betty’s Restaurant and Barbeque. Here’s the breakdown of my experience at Betty’s:

The Entres

I split 2 plates with FTLC blogger Strawberry Jam, so I was able to try to different meats, the fried chicken and the country ham. I preferred the fried chicken over the ham, but both meats were delicious and served in large portions. Although my fried chicken tasting is limited to the Publix deli or fast food chains, I really enjoyed the fact that the skin was less greasy yet exceptionally crispy, and the meat was juicy. The ham was thick and savory. The generous slice of pig reminded me of Thanksgiving dinners with the family.

Fried Chicken dinner plate at Betty's in Ft LauderdaleSide Orders

By no means do I think of myself as a restaurant connoisseur like The Burger Beast or Jeff from Jeff Eats, but I’ve never tasted better side dishes in a Fort Lauderdale restaurant than at Betty’s. The mac and cheese, my favorite of the sides, had the perfect combination of cheese and noodle. The collard greens were full of flavor. The homemade potato salad helped me reminisce of my days in North Carolina. Even the rice with gravy, my least favorite of the sides, hit the spot nicely and was a nice change from my usual black beans and rice. The sweet tea will give you an intense sugar high, but was a must to compliment this kind of meal.

The Dining Area

One of the first things you will notice after you are seated is that the owners have a fondness for Obama and Michael Jackson. In fact, we counted over 30 total pictures of MJ and Obama lining the walls. You’ll also notice the old school diner seating near the front entrance and the vintage juke box that will randomly try to compete with the episode of 106 & Park playing on the TVs. All in all, it has a very unique look, something that many FTL restaurants lack in my opinion.

The Service

The staff was extremely helpful and efficient. When we asked for help choosing between the potato salad and yams, our waitress gave us her honest opinion. When our cups were empty, she quickly asked if we wanted a refill. Before we left, the cashier genuinely wanted to know how we liked the food.

The Price

Unbelievable value for the quality and quantity of the food. I ended up having enough for another dinner the next night. Most dinners run from $8 – $16 and come with 2 sides and cornbread.


Tastiest sides in town, great atmosphere, large menu, and great price — I’ll be back for sure.

Betty’s is located at 601 NW 22nd Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. Their phone number is 954-583-9121.

Additional notes:

  • There’s no quicker way to lose street cred than by calling Betty’s Restaurant and Barbeque by it’s full name. An African-American co-worker and local soul food enthusiast informed me, “black people just call it Betty’s”
  • As soon as you pass under I95, going west on Sistrunk from 7th Avenue, you are going to have to veer to the right on a side street (NW 22nd Rd.). It’s easy to miss if you’re driving too fast
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