by Strawberry Jam

Out of the few options South Floridians have for fresh produce and local goods, the Riverwalk Urban Market doesn’t disappoint with decent prices and a nice selection of various items.  After suddenly disappearing from it’s original location across from the Museum of Discovery and Science the market has finally gotten around to updating their flyers with their new location: the historic district near the old River House.  Here are just a few reasons to shake off that Friday night funk and make it out before they close up shop at 1pm.  Though pretty consistent, most vendors sign up on a weekly basis so visit often to check for changes.

Artisan pasta

Spicy Thai linguine and peppercorn pasta are two of over a dozen varieties.  At $4.50/half pound and $8/pound prices are comparable to grocery store gourmet pasta prices.

Homemade fish dip

Try a free sample if the photos of this guy smoking his fish and the vacuum packed/permanent marker DIY packaging aren’t enticing enough.  Smoked wahoo dip and smoked salmon are among the choices.


Why buy from other states or countries when Florida has some of the best soil and climate to grow in?  A nice selection of leafy greens, fruits, and seasonal items are available from your own backyard.  The best deal here is probably the small baskets of sundried tomatoes for $3.


If browsing makes you hungry or if the heat leaves you parched this is your spot to stop for a meaty fix or refreshing sweet tea.  They’re away on occasional Saturday caterings as well so you might want to say a prayer to the BBQ gods before your visit.

Local honey

Honey is excellent for your immune system and a good source of natural energy.  Get it before the bees go extinct.

Riverwalk Urban Market

227 SW 2nd Ave

Fort Lauderdale

Every Saturday 8am-1pm

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