Even cats know it's good for 'em

Love yoga but not sure if you can commit to a monthly membership anywhere?  If you didn’t already know, our community has various forms for you to choose from for a small donation or sometimes even nothing at all.  Most classes are for all levels and don’t require great amounts of strength or prior knowledge so long as you are able to mimic the positions modeled to you.  If you find something you enjoy below, look into making it a regular habit to allow improvements in your mind and body to be more evident.

The Riverwalk Trust sponsors yoga in Esplanade park (20 N New River Dr, FTL) from 6:30-7:30pm. Click the link for contact info.

Bombay Room (2737 E Oakland Pk Blvd Suite 103H, FTL) offers a slow-flow community class from 12-1:30pm.  “Focusing on proper alignment and positioning, with deeper attention being paid to the foundation of your yoga practice, your instructor will guide you through the basics of Vinyasa Flow.” *Donations accepted.

If you’re in need of a lighthearted break or are just looking for a unique experience, “laughing yoga” might be right up your alley.  Though it may take you a little while to adjust, you might find yourself surprisingly refreshed in the end.  No mat required, just bring your hehes and hahas and be able to stand through the class which meets in Hollywood Beach (1301 S Ocean Drive, Hollywood) at 7pm (also on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in TY Park).

If chanting and/or meditation is more your thing, help bring “peace and harmony” to the world through Yoga Warehouse (508 SW Flagler Ave, FTL) from 7:30-7:55am

Wind down and get yourself ready for the coming workweek with some sunset yoga on FTL beach (A1A and Sunrise). Have your mat or a towel ready on the sand at 6:30pm. *Donations accepted, plus $1.25 for parking.

More free meditation is brought to you by Yoga Warehouse, this time the guided kind and paired with a short reading.  From 7-8:30pm.

*Also be sure to follow Red Pearl Yoga (918 NE 20 Ave, FTL) and the Yoga Community of South Florida on Facebook for monthly schedules, class offerings, and events.  When and if you decide to commit, make sure to ask about discounts as many places offer various forms- bike there, bring a friend, be a public school teacher, first timer, etc.

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