Laser Wolf opens in Ft Lauderdale

by Fat Hand

The long anticipated opening of the new Ft. Lauderdale joint Laser Wolf occurred this past Friday, and the FTLC is happy to report our fair city has a cool new triangular-shaped alternative to check out. Laser Wolf is sure to become a top hangout for Broward artists, musicians, and other people making this city cool (like bloggers). Co-owners/brothers Chris and Jordan Bellus’ new tavern features a beautiful hand-constructed bar, 6 taps pouring craft beers, with another dozen or so craft brews available in bottles or cans, a good list of imports and another 5 or 6 quality domestics. Do not plan on drinking watered down American macro-brews at Laser Wolf, as the selection was hand picked to satisfy even your most annoying beer snob friend. The beer list will be changed periodically, and prices range from 3 to 6 bucks with the majority being either 4 or 5. Wine and sake are also available.

The decor features local artwork, murals by professional skateboarder/artist Kris Markovich and local artist Erick Arenas (one of the murals is in the bathroom so be sure to drink enough beer so that you can’t forget to check it out), a set of antique doors, and portraits of Ronald Reagan as far as the eye can see. Guess which part of the foregoing list is untrue.

An outdoor patio in the back has several tables and is adjacent to a grassy courtyard around which several business are located. All of the neighboring businesses are open daytime only, so there is pretty much unlimited outdoor space. It will be interesting to see how all that space is utilized in the future.

The music situation has the bar controlling the tunes played over its system, which is a good thing, because when a cool bar has a jukebox with a poor selection, patrons are doomed to listening to the same Top 40 songs all the freaking time (bars, you know who you are). This correspondent did not hear a single Black Eyed Peas tune all of Friday evening. Live bands and DJs will also be featured from time to time.

For Ft. Lauderdalians seeking a laid-back bar where one can socialize with cool people, listen to great tunes, imbibe some of our country’s finest beers, and, most importantly, just hang out and have a good time, Laser Wolf delivers.

Laser Wolf is located at 901 Progresso Drive, Suite 101, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33304

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