The beauty of guerilla marketing is that not only is it budget friendly, but it’seasily noticeable. Love him or hate him, Broward County rapper Lyrikilldotcom, best known for sabotaging local news telecasts to advertise his website, is a mastermind at generating interest via guerilla marketing tactics. When he’s not annoying news anchors, Lyrikill is parading around town with his oversized, tacky neon necklace, announcing his area code 754 phone number, or falsely titling YouTube videos with names like Rihannas Picture to generate views. Besides his insanely catchy jam I Love My Hooptie, I am not crazy about his music. Can’t say I haven’t watched all his shenanigans on the internet though.

Driving down US1 the other day, I noticed a sign posted high up on a telephone pole in Dania advertising a website . It’s a simple guerilla marketing strategy — pick up some posterboard at the Dollar Tree, write your website on it with a thick Sharpie, and post it out of reach of the old timers who might try and rip it down. Not as flashy as Lyrikill, but still an admirable and cheap form of guerilla marketing. Unfortunately for Hungre Rapper, it appears his site is down at the moment; however, with a little internet sleuthing, I was able to find an alternative URL (and much more logical web address), . Here’s the quick rundown about this local entrepreneur/hip hop artist:

Hungre Rapper, real name John Hungre, is sick of the roofing industry, so he’s decided to focus solely on becoming Mr. 954. He has a new album titled Hungre Life that’s only $5 on his website. The most notable song on his website is a song about the 3 Kings that has ingenius lyrics such as “Vince Carter, you old farter”, “Dwight Howard is as soft as a flower”, and “Amare Stoudamire, it’s time to retire, you’ll never get a trophy out there you dumbass”. This jack of all trades is also asking for investors for his proposed TV series called Hungry Roofers, a show about hurricane chasers who “help/save” victims of tropical storms. Sounds cool, but he’ll need about 250,000 Abraham Lincolns from investors to buy an amphibious armored truck and other required items for proper storm chasing.

My advice to John Hungre to further promote himself, start some beef with another rapper like Lyrikilldotcom. I’ve already got a creative title for my FTLC post when you do, Guerilla Marketing Warfare. As a fellow dreamer, good luck.

Here’s Hungre Rapper’s  song about the Miami Heat winning the next 5 championships:

– Mig

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