The most interesting party night of the year is nearly upon us. It’s that special time at the end of October when kids beg to complete strangers, typically stable adults decorate their front yards with fake skeletons and mutilated pumpkins, timid girls strip the excess fabric off timid costumes, and people try and compete for the highest BAC on Himmarshee Street. Luckily for us, there is something going on almost everyday to celebrate this strange and sadistic holiday. The FTLC has highlighted a few:

Take a shot every time you see a Jersey Shore costume


Of all the days this week, this is the least eventful. Today is probably the best day to check out the art exhibit at the Bear and the Bird Gallery above Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill. The show is titled Monsters Under My Bed: Childhood Fears Group Art Mega-Show and focuses on the childhood fears of the artists. Usually, I’m not too keen on art shows without cheap booze or live music, but this one sounds interesting.


Here’s your first chance to break out the costume. Monterey Club is hosting an indie dance party titled Ghoulish Gathering. There will be prizes for the best costumes. Andie Sweetswirl and DJ Lindersmash are spinning. No cover.


As usual, lots of interesting stuff happening in FAT Arts Village. This year they’re throwing a 3 week celebration of Day Of The Dead. Obviously, we’ve missed some events since it started on October 9th; however, this Thursday they’re hosting some intriguing events, including a free puppet manipulation workshop and a burlesque cabaret.


One more day until the big street party; no use in trying to save yourself for the big night when The Bubble is having their second annual Halloween party. Like every IWAN party, there will be tons of art by local artists, live music, and cheap keg beer ($10 all you can drink). New Orleans’ band The Green Mantles have returned to play The Bubble, and are joined by The Necrophiles and VJ Dark Intersection. Apparently, there are also less publicized parties on Saturday and Tuesday, November 2.


Giant block party on Himmarshee. This is always a fun street party and excellent people watching opportunity. Local crazies Viva Le Vox, as well as The Green Mantles, will be performing at Poorhouse as well.

Prior to the street party, there is an artwalk in FAT Arts Village .


It ain’t over yet. Most of us have to work on Monday, so you might want to take it kind of easy on the 31st. Trick or treating is always an option (age is just a number). However, it’s probably a better idea to check out some haunted houses. Village of Horrors at the War Memorial in Fort Lauderdale is probably your best bet.

Tuesday (November 2)

And this is the last time I’ll mention FATS Arts Village in this post…another artwalk to celebrate the traditional Aztec Day of the Dead .

Lastly, in anticipation of my favorite holiday, I’ve decided to watch a horror movie every night until Saturday. I will only be watching movies I’ve never seen before and write only a few sentences for my review of the film.

The first film for inclusion into this week long series titled Mig’s Horror Movie View Party is called The Devil’s Playground.

My two sentence review: I’m a huge fan of zombie movies, but this British movie doesn’t add any new ideas to the subgenre. It’s entertaining and well made, but you might as well re-watch 28 Days Later which does the same plot a whole lot better.

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