FTL Collective's favorite places to eat and drink

Best Taco

Mig: Carlos Y Pepe.
Fat Hand: Fish taco at Coconuts.
S Jam: Zona Fresca’s Fish tacos with their authentic corn tortillas, shredded cabbage, and what tastes like lime-infused sour cream, mmmm.
J Fine: Although most of my friends would recommend Zona Fresca – I enjoy Carlos & Pepe’s.

Best Burger/ Sandwich

Mig: Los Perros. They might be more well known for their hot dogs, but I prefer the Colombian-style burgers they serve. Charm City’s Cowboy Burger was a close second. As far as sandwiches, Laspadadas makes the best subs and Mr. Nick’s Sub Shoppe makes the best Cheesesteak.
S Jam: Charm City Burger‘s veggie burger The Hippie
J Fine: Best Veggie Burger! Rosie’s in Wilton Manors! (“Almosta Vegan” personal fav)

Best Coffee

Mig: Unlimited coffee at Lesters.
S Jam: Brew‘s brew of the day
J Fine: Brew at Victoria Park

Best Signature Drink

Mig: I’m not one for fancy drinks. I guess this would be a good time to revert to our post about local signature drinks
Fat Hand: Cubeltini at Trina
J Fine: Siobhan, the Sunday bartender @ McSorley’s , makes a Bloody Mary to die for.

Best Breakfast Joint

Mig: In my opinion, it’s tough to mess up diner food. IHOP, Lesters, Peter Pans….they all taste the same to me. What makes a diner stand out to me is the staff and look. Lester’s takes the cake.
Fat Hand: Bluejays Cafe…multiple breakfast burritos on the menu
S Jam: I have yet to find a breakfast place that can make a better breakfast than mine, if I must say so myself, and isn’t overpriced. Giorgio’s on Hollywood’s intracoastal comes close, but loses due to their lousy coffee. Typically, I hate chains, but I’ll have to go with any of Ft Lauderdale’s finest IHOPs- predictable, tasty, and the best diner/restaurant coffee.
J Fine: Bluejays

Best BBQ

Mig: Not Ernies, that’s for sure. Haven’t eaten enough local BBQ to give a definitive answer. Texas Hold’em is just ok. I’m trying Tom Jenkins this week.
Fat Hand: Texas Hold’em. I would also vote for Texas Hold’em in the category of best Isaac Hayes poster.
S Jam: The cooker outside of Monterey Club in the middle of the night.

Best Slice

Mig: Rocco’s on Hollywood Beach. The nearby live polka music at the bandshell helps too.
Fat Hand: Pizza Fusion…partly because I don’t feel bad about myself for eating pizza when I eat Pizza Fusion pizza.
S Jam: Squiggy’s
J Fine: Primanti Brothers best drunk slice. Need to try Empire Pizza

Best Dessert

Mig: $1.50 vanilla soft serve at one of the many ice cream vendors along Hollywood Beach
J Fine: Coconut Cake at Sublime

Best Restaurant Overall

Mig: Betty’s. By far my favorite restaurant experience of the year. Also, no one beats their side dishes.
Fat Hand: Himmarshee Bar & Grill. Still great.
J Fine: My restaurant knowledge is pretty limited. Being vegetarian in FTL leaves something to be desired in the way of dining. Once I find somewhere that caters to my dietary demands I stick with them. Sublime, Rosie’s and surprisingly Cafe Blue Fish are pretty consistent for palatable veggie dining.

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