FTL Collective picks their favorites in Ft Lauderdale

Best Local Joke

Mig: It’s changed its name back to Capones, but I always thought Ultimate Sports Bar was a ridiculous name for a bar that wasn’t open for afternoon football on Saturdays and Sundays.
Fat Hand: Miami Dolphins running game
S Jam: America’s Backyard
J Fine: Although I have never met the M.I.L.F. Hunter and I am somewhat unclear if he literally hunts drunk moms – I think it is safe to assume this guy is a joke.

Best Local Celebrity

Mig: Both Mickey Clean and Coatman had a big year because of their recent exposure on New Times. The fact is though, these geezers have been around for a while. Bikini Man AKA Holla emerged on the scene this year and had just as big of a year, especially during Spring Break. I’m giving it to Holla.
Fat Hand: The Worm
S Jam: 70’s guy with the mullet-mohawk and platform shoes, who when I saw for the first time was being asked who the president of the United States was, only to reply with an unexpected  “F- you, A-“
J Fine: This one is really a toss up…Best known nationally: Scott Putesky AKA Daisy Berkowitz – co-founder of Marilyn Manson and Poor House aficionado. Best known locally: Mike D’Imperio AKA OMG Mike – The Paul and Young Ron Show (105.9).

2010 was the Year Of The _________

Mig: Warehouse
Fat Hand: The Corrupt Politician
S Jam: Really good shows
J Fine: Silly Bandz!

I’d like to see more _____________ in 2011

Mig: Local bands with original music, and venues that adequately advertise the shows. More Miami and Palm Beach bands playing shows in Broward. Also, more blogs focused on Broward.
Fat Hand: More Dolphins victories (only 1 home win all season)
S Jam: May be hard to ask with the economy the way it is but… more independent businesses.
J Fine: Local art, music, community involvement and awareness; the return of Dogma Grill to FTL. in 2011

I’d like to see less of ______________ in 2011

Mig: I’m kind of sick of this food truck fad these days. I’d like to see less prominent indie bands playing the Fillmore, and instead playing at Revolution.
Fat Hand: Traffic cameras. These are not for safety. See my above answer about 2010 politicians.
S Jam: Less headbands across the forehead and NO fake mustaches.
J Fine: Broward County Commissioners & nefarious deals, guys like Scott Rothstein and bedbugs (oh and Ed Hardy or any new Christian Audigier trend).

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