Some of FTL Collective's favorite spots in Broward County

Thanks to everyone who visited our blog over the past seven months. Even when our posting frequency dipped at the end of the summer, we somehow managed to generate a solid number of page views every week. FTL Collective’s resolution for 2011 is to post more often, without wavering from the 3 F’s (Keep it Fort, Factual, and optionally Funny). In the coming months, we will also be looking for more contributors. Feel free to email me at if you have any ideas for potential articles.

To properly sum up the year, we’ve decided to share some of our personal favorites in the area. Over the course of the week, we will continue posting our Best Of’s, as well as a massive list on Friday. Thanks again for reading, commenting, and introducing yourself. Because of this blog and your feedback, we’ve been able to learn and share so much about our local scene and the people that support it.

Here are some of our staff member’ choices for Arts & Entertainment:

Best Local Band

Mig: It’s surprising to me that Alexander hasn’t made it big yet. I love their CD It’s Not Always Signs, It’s Not Always Wonders, specifically the song Cholesterol
Fat Hand: REBEL
S Jam: Alexander
J Fine: Methodaires

Best Performance By A Local Band

Mig: It’s a toss up between Everymen and Viva Le Vox. Also, I really liked REBEL’s performance at our launch party (see photos), numerous pre-Young Circles shows, and Radioboxer‘s under-attended show at Sea Monster.
J Fine: Best performance and all around good time will have to go to any band which Joe Git and/or Chris “Spikey” Goldbach perform with. (if you get this you’re laughing)

Best Local News Story

Mig: Animals on the loose! Who knew South Florida had bears and coyotes. Also, Snow Madness 2010 was fun to follow. Did a snowflake fall in Oakland Park? We’ll never know for sure.
Fat Hand: The on-going arrests/corruption of the Broward County school board.
S Jam: (overheard from others) all the name changes with Stonefox/Blond Fuzz/ Young Circles. Is Fuzzy Cubes next?

Best Event

Mig: This category is really tough, so I’m going to cheat. I choose every warehouse party in 2010 (SWARM, IWAN The Bubble, and Laser Wolf’s party). Here’s to more warehouse parties in 2011!
Fat Hand: The Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, and their related festivities. Somebody’s got to build that lid on Sunlife Stadium so we get more Super Bowls.
S Jam: For Art’s Sake Typeface– Nice variety of local art and snacks, wheatepasting, Millionyoung, and Alexander.
J Fine: Noemi & BJ’s 4th of July BBQ

Best Place To Check Out Art

Mig: I enjoyed events at Gallery 101 and Art/Heart‘s party at Stage 84, but the Bubble is my favorite place to check out local artists. Unfortunately, I had to miss the Art Scavenger Hunt this year, but that sounded like a blast too.
Fat Hand: The Bubble
J Fine: Art/Heart events

Best Bar

Mig: Poorhouse and Monterey’s are cool, but nothing beats a good indie dance party at 1921. Beachside, I really enjoy playing cornhole at Pirate Bar.
Fat Hand: There are many things I don’t like about Poorhouse (jukebox, the fact I hang out there too often) but overall, it is my #1 bar in the FTL. But I think that says more about me than it does about Poorhouse.
S Jam: I’ll say it loud and proud, love a good cover band. Dicey’s! I will brave crowds and sticky floors any day over Poor House’s selection of bands.
J Fine: Just so many to choose from. Kim’s Alley Bar gets my vote – they have ping-pong. Among beach bars, I choose McSorley’s. Bahia Cabana gets honorable mention.

Best Broward Blog (Other Than Ours)

Mig: Overall, no one covers the Broward music scene better than County Grind. As far as independently run blogs go, I haven’t havent fallen head over heels with any Broward focused local blog. I’d choose Mood Vane, but lately the posts have been scarce. I kind of wish Radioactive Records posted more often on their blog. Then again, I wish we could post more often.
Fat Hand: The Pulp. Bob Norman’s blog that started a few years ago and was intended to comment on local media has morphed into the most important news outlet in Broward County.
J Fine: Who Cares What I think

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