It’s easy to call a party EPIC. It’s another thing to actually back it up with colossal over-the-top antics, a quality lineup of local musicians, and a quartet of dance crazy DJs. Want the scoop on FTL Collective’s end-of-the-year spectacular at underground club 1921?

  • 3 local bands, playing on a roof (yes, outside on the roof!).

  • 4 DJ’s inside the club, spinning the best in indie, electro, and the classics.

  • 1 custom-made live ball drop. Plus, the official Times Square drop projected on a giant wall.

  • 1 Xbox Kinect projected on that same giant wall, plus multiple fire pits strategically placed throughout the outside area to keep everyone toasty.

Now that I have your undivided attention, here’s the rest of the gritty details:

The trio of local acts gracing the rooftop will be punk rock enthusiasts Mute Issue, the always entertaining supergroup Travalonia, and experimental rockers Manifest Test Subject (you might remember them from our launch party). Spinning the greatest in indie, electro, new wave, and classic tracks will be JAM’s very own Esoteric and Damask, Stereo Synth’s Andie Sweetswirl, and future Fort Lauderdale mayoral candidate Mig (me).

The club is located 1921 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 . Here’s a link to the official Facebook event page. $10 cover charge at the door. Throw in another Hamilton if you like, and you’re well on your way to drunken bliss — unlimited beer till midnight. Not too keen on carbs? The CASH ONLY bar will be fully stocked.The party starts at 9 ‘o clock.

Anyone who came out to the last FTLC sanctioned event in June knows that we don’t joke around when we insert “FTL Collective” on a flyer. The party’s other sponsors, JAMS and The Malcriado, feel the same way. Tell your friend to cancel his lame house party and migrate over to 1921 this Friday night for what’s sure to be an event of epic proportions.

It can be a little tricky trying to find the club (it is an underground club after all). Check out a helpful YouTube video and makeshift parking map after the jump.

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