It warms our hearts more than a toasty buttermilk biscuit that all of you came out to FTLC’s Launch Party – Under The Hood – last Friday night. Thank you! For those of you who were too busy double fisting $5 Miller Lights at some run-of-the-mill bar, you missed quite a show.

Under the Hood celebrated the FTLC web blog debut with an intimate rock show at underground venue, 1921. Unquestionably, you were greeted by a pleasant FTLC member’s smiling face as you entered the velvet, chandelier furnished, speakeasy feel of 1921. Within record time, our bartenders had a scrumptious cocktail in your hand as you browsed the merch table filled with three FTLC T-shirts (not actually for sale).

The commencement of FTLC’s blogging journeys were supported by three superb South Florida bands who got us all rocking to their beats. Dynamic duo Manifest Test Subject began the event with an idiosyncratic set, deliciously loud enough to shatter nearby barware and loaded with personality. Next up were Pompano Beach natives, Retrocities who channeled the likes of Joy Division and Sonic Youth as they gained oodles of newly devoted fans. The energetic crowd was not disappointed by headliners, REBEL, as the last set for the evening. Frontman Migue let loose on the mic with seductive vox, while drummer Aj rancorously wailed on the drums. Along with bass guitarist Carlos, REBEL collectively produced rhythms that pulsed through the crowd sending blinding urges to dance – and we all demanded more. Just when we thought we couldn’t sweat another drop, FTLC’s own cuddly DJ Mig spun the latest booty shaking tunes as our feet pleaded for us to stop.

We woke up sore and sleepy, but we sure had a good time — we hope y’all did too. Let’s do it again soon! Thanks again for showing FTLC your love and we will be sure to host another community music-fest again in the near future. Check out a few pics from the evening posted here and even more on FTL Collective’s facebook page.

the above photos of REBEL were taken by Surya Fernandez

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