by Kate

If this Saturday you find yourself in need of some serious recovery after the Friday night FTLC launch party, you’ll want to make your way over to Fort Lauderdale’s independent artist hot-spot, The Bubble. The Bubble is a local warehouse converted into a sort-of artist enclave where the eclectic souls of Fort Lauderdale gather to display art, make music, and have an all-around good time.  Here you will be free to relax, check out local artists’ work, and have a post-hangover remedy, most likely from a keg.

This Saturday will feature the artwork of “The Loveable Mad Hatter”, Matthew Valera, an incredibly talented local artist barely past the age of seventeen.  Only The Bubble’s second solo art show since its conception nearly one year ago, it is sure to be an event well worth checking out for those of you interested in the Fort Lauderdale art and music scene.  In addition to Valera, artists Linda Nilly, Alice Groll, Donna Haynes, and featured IWAN artists will have their artwork lining the walls of the colorful warehouse-turned-gallery.  Fort Lauderdale’s own indie rock groups Dooms de Pop and Alexander will grace the outdoor stage, while patrons can expect to sit (or stand) drinking beer and mingle with the über-hip denizens of Fort Lauderdale.

The art show takes places this Saturday, June 12, from 6-11p.m.  The event costs $5 and for those over 21, an additional $5 buys you a cup and unlimited refills from the keg. Come and support your local artists and help keep The Bubble thrivin’!

IWAN The Bubble, Saturday, June 12 6-11p.m.
810 NE 4 Ave, Fort Lauderdale
$5/$10 at the door. Cash only.

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