by Mercedes J

Before you say Bula (a Fijian toast which means “to life”) you will find yourself staring down into a half rounded coconut shell holding a concoction resembling that of muddy water. Reluctantly, you raise the shell to your lips and notice aromas of earth and uncertainty.  As the shell empties into your mouth, you taste bitter root, chalk and a hint of medicinal tang.  With a slightly numb sensation on your lips and tongue, you rush to chase your swallow with pieces of sliced pineapple.  Did you just drink a fancy bowl of mud water collected from a parking lot cesspool?  No, you just had Kava.

Kava is a ceremonial drink traditionally consumed in the islands of the South Pacific. The beverage is made of ground Kava-Kava pepper bush root and has a sedating nature said to increase tranquility and well-being without losing mental clarity. Aside from its calming effects, there are other benefits as well. Some claim that Kava decreases anxiety and depression, eliminates nausea, increases patience and ease of acceptance. Wait – no depression, nausea; more patience and acceptance? This sounds like the perfect hangover remedy. With the help of Kava, one can cure post drink vomiting and last night’s regret. YES!

So where can you get this mysterious mud water?  Tucked a block behind some well recognized hot spots, Primanti Bros. & McSorley’s, near the intersection of Sunrise Blvd. and A1A, resides a quaint building with a colorful sign which reads — Kava Bar. If you do your laundry at the place next door, you have probably noticed some free spirited individuals coming to and fro this establishment.

Fiji Kava Bar is a Zen sanctuary decorated with dim lights, cozy couches and books. You will find peaceful individuals looking for an alternative (or addition) to alcohol frequenting this Kava bar.  Kava tenders recommend that you not consume the celebratory drink while under the influence of other mood altering substances – since it will likely take away from the experience, which one can fully appreciate after 4-6 bowls.

Fiji Kava Bar offers a great alternative to customary going outs in our city, go see for yourself.  Bula!

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