by Mercedes J.

It’s difficult to write this article because I can barely see my computer screen through the salty, clear discharge (some would call tears) rapidly emitting from my eyes.  It pains me to confirm that the horrific rumors are true — South Florida’s best Metal Band (according to the 2010 Best Of edition of Broward/Palm Beach New Times), Murderous Rampage, will no longer be screaming their beautiful music into our bleeding ears.

The news came as a shock on the evening of June 10th when lead vocalist and Poorhouse bartender, Tommy, revealed to this back bar regular that the band would be retiring.  The death metal band has been a Fort Lauderdale favorite for the past few years.  Fans can’t seem to get enough of the relentless fast paced roaring of guitar, bass, and drums combined with the melodramatic lyrics of their songs.  In addition to producing addictive music, Murderous Rampage has also created deliciously morbid videos for three of their songs — Programmed to Kill, Eating Drinking Shitting, and Out in Public. The music videos showcase Tommy’s affection for horror, zombies, and dismembered mannequins.

MURDEROUS RAMPAGE! Video – Eating Drinking Shitting

Devoted fans came out to support Murderous Rampage’s final show at Churchill’s Pub in Miami last Saturday (June 26th).  Murderous Rampage were joined by four other metal bands — Shroud Eater, Junior Bruce, Consular, and Hallow Leg for a night of heart pumping rock.  Frontman Tommy performed with energy and prowess as he sang lyrics such as “kill yourself you waste of life” and “eating drinking shitting — that’s all I do.”  Bass guitarist Somesh seductively played his instrument as Hoblium whaled on his guitar. Jointly, band members delivered powerful and brusque death metal which had the crowd thrashing their bodies in a seizure-esque manner.

Murderous Rampage’s farewell show did not disappoint and confirmed why we all love them so much. Maybe if we all think positive thoughts and wear our Murderous Rampage t-shirts every day, the band will again grace the stage one day in the future. Goodbye Murderous Rampage, you will be missed.

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