For the most part, I try and take it easy during the week. With the onslaught of concerts and events in the past month, it’s been hard to hit the sack at a decent hour for work the next day. This Wednesday is no different; a couple days ago the New Times reported that Dos Equis sponsored The Most Interesting Show In The World is hitting Revolution this Wednesday. Holla, also known as Bikini Guy on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, has nothing on some of the freaks performing on this tour. Acts include a Hungarian escape artist, some guy named Bubble Man, an erotic performace of houserobics (whatever that is), and a lively performance by party starter Andrew WK (remember that popular song Party Hard. Yeah, that guy). Most importantly, it’s all FREE. Even the Dos Equis is free of charge. Get up to 2 free tickets by clicking on this link. This party should be provide more than enough midweek relief for the hectic work week.

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