by Strawberry Jam

Dubstep and Jamaican dub are alive and kickin’ in South Florida.

Dubstep has carved quite a path for itself in the last ten years.  Though there can be several styles ranging from lighter to darker and heavier tracks, the form of electronic music utilizes a constant and steady beat throughout.  Stemming from London in the early 2000’s, it is quickly emerging from its underground roots to more of a mainstream popularity (ex: La Roux- In For The Kill- Skream remix).  With that comes the surge of dubstep artists in the South Florida music scene.

Listen below:

Somejerk- Summerstep

[soundcloud url=””]

Indovisual– RaunchySteps

[soundcloud url=””]

Okulus Anomali– Dubbed Out & Stepped On

[soundcloud url=””]

Afro Monk– WMC Mix

[soundcloud url=””]

While dubstep is fairly new and a form of its own, it certainly draws from the reverberated yet cleaner rhythm of Jamaican dub.  Though closely associated with reggae, Jamaican dub lends its sub-bass and sometimes distorted sound to dubstep.  Check out Spred the Dub, a Ft Lauderdale band that frequents downtown’s Fat Cats.  With their smooth vocals and professional sound, you will not be disappointed by this band no matter what kind of music you like.  Make sure you don’t miss their sweet cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game.

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