If you haven’t already been to Doris you have few excuses not to go.  With several locations throughout South Florida and its original Hollywood store in operation since 1947, Doris Market and Bakery has become a love of the Italian community and those that just like good eats.  Though significantly smaller than your average supermarket, Doris is quite the representation of grocers scattered throughout Italy and the selection inside is anything but.  You can find everything from dried pastas, produce, and wine to a wide selection of meats and prepared foods and side dishes.  Not to mention, a vast array of authentic Italian desserts and pastries such as napoleons, biscotti, and cannoli.  While some items are a tad pricier than what you find at your usual grocery store, if you shop right there are plenty of deals to be had especially when it comes to produce.  Bunches of fresh herbs such as basil, cilantro, and dill can be purchased for just 99 cents, red peppers often cost half as much as they do at Publix.

This trip to the market resulted in plenty of herbs and veggies, beet salad and roasted peppers from the deli, Kalamata olives, and a happy tummy.

For more info, hours, or directions check out www.dorismarket.com

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