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It took several months, but I finally made it to the brink of Broward County to taste one of South Florida’s better burger at Charm City Burger Company (Facebook fan page link). After reading the overwhelming amount of positive reviews about this place’s food (check out the links at the end of the post), I put it at the top of my must-try list. What can I write about this hole-in-the-wall eatery that hasn’t already been written? After one bite of their 8 oz. Cowboy burger, there’s no denying that this is one of the best burgers in our metro area. Along with the burger, I sampled the french fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries, and chocolate Blue Bell milkshake. The meat was juicy, the bacon was crispy, the aged cheddar was melted just right, and the grilled and sauteed veggies were perfect toppings. Both types of fries and rings were tasty as well — I give the onion rings a slight edge in taste (sadly though, they only give you 5 rings); however, the sides were greatly overshadowed by the belly-busting burger and the thick ice cream milkshake that would give Jenny Craig night terrors.

Enough about the details that the local food bloggers has already covered. I’ve read a lot of deservingly great reviews about this Deerfield Beach restaurant’s meat and fried side orders, but I have yet to read anything about their veggie burger. You might ask yourself, why would anyone go to Charm City and order a meatless burger? Well, it just so happened that 2 animal-friendly people at my table willingly ordered the Hippie, a burger made of mushrooms, black beans, and herbs. I asked famed FTLC blogger Strawberry Jam and Edos Minnos (the FTLC’s future Turkish restaurant correspondent) their opinion of Charm City’s cow-free burger. Here’s what they said:

“It was filling, juicy, and well-seasoned. The bun was disappointing. Just because you don’t want meat doesn’t mean you want to forego the tasty sweet bun the other burgers get.

Ps: They should include sides as a meal. And sell cole slaw.”

– Strawberry Jam

The veggie burger was piquant and satiating…but to be completely honest, it wasn’t the greatest veggie burger I’ve ever had, so I can’t think of anymore adjectives.

– Edos Minnos (pronounced Ay-dosh Me-nosh)

I was able to steal a few bites from S Jam’s meatless burger, and I thought it tasted excellent. Keep in mind though, I don’t usually opt for vegetarian options at restaurants, so I don’t have much to compare.

So apparently Charm City isn’t perfect, so what. I agree with the multitude of positive reviews about this place, and recommend it to all of the FTLC’s carnivores. This is a must-try if you enjoy a good hamburger. If you choose greens over beef, don’t miss trying their milkshake and onion rings and in my opinion, the Hippie is worth a taste.

Some additional notes:

  • I enjoyed the eclectic selection of indie music they played while we were eating. Songs by Passion Pit, Ratatat, and the XX were all heard at some point during our meal.

  • The staff is extremely friendly, and didn’t mind that we took 5 minutes to decide between a vanilla or chocolate shake.

  • Here are some links to other blogs that have already written about Charm City: Jeff Eats, Burger Beast, Clean Plate Charlie,

Here are some pics of the food, taken with our crappy cell phone cameras. These photos don’t do the food justice.

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