FTL Collective will be co-sponsoring an upcoming weekly indie dance party at The Green Room at Revolution Live called Digital Love. When the details are finalized, we’ll be sure to share the info. In the meantime, we’re looking for locals who want to contribute their talents to the Thursday event.

Local Artists:

We are looking for local artsy folk who would be willing to create art that we can use on our flyers. Possible ideas include a mini version of art you would create or already have (i.e. a print, photo, or painting). The perks would be free distribution of your design for up to 5,000 people, the opportunity to showcase your work at one of the parties, and prominent placement on this website. If you’re interested, email digitalloveparty@gmail.com

Local Musicians:

We want to book at least one local band for every party. At the moment, we’re looking for rock or electronic acts. If you’re interested in performing on an upcoming Thursday, email us at digitalloveparty@gmail.com with a link to your music.

Local Businesses:

Any business looking to promote their products, whatever it may be, at one of the events, email digitalloveparty@gmail.com with the name of your business and what you’d like to promote. We’re open to everything.

Overall, we want to collaborate with as many different creative types as possible for this event to not only cross promote, but to help support our burgeoning scene.

Stay tuned for the nitty gritty on the grand opening party in a few weeks.

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