By Strawberry Jam

While you may be thinking “once is enough” when it comes to watching boat parades, there are actually several good reasons for you to change it up this weekend and drag your butt to the water to partake in the annual event this Saturday. While the $200 Grand Marshal Showboat tickets and $21 Birch State Park Grandstand tickets are both sold out, lucky for you you can view the parade for FREE along the intracoastal anywhere from the Broward Center for the Performing Arts to Lake Santa Barbara, South of Atlantic Blvd. According to the Winterfest website, East of the Stranahan House is supposed prime-time viewing space.

This years theme of “Dancing Through the Decades” will appropriately feature everyone’s favorite overly-exposed Dancing With the Stars’ co-host Brooke Burke. If you’re lucky, maybe you can catch a glimpse of her dazzling shadowy figure from the shore. Make it a little more interesting by bringing a flask and taking a swig every time you hear her name in the crowd, double duty if it’s paired with any adjectives pertaining to her “hot” or otherwise described body or its parts. (Drink responsibly, there will most likely be kids on every side of you)

Though it’s expected to warm up slightly by the weekend, a slightly cooler night will still offer two bonuses: an excuse to snuggle up to your paramour and an opportunity to practice your adult version of hot chocolate. If you need some pointers check out some of these drink recipes; or simply add a shot of Bailey’s, Kahlua, or Peppermint Schnapps to your thermos of Swiss Miss.

It may be somewhat of a family affair, but it’s still an anticipated yearly event for the young and old and it’s never too old to start your own traditions whether by yourself or with your SO. If anything, it’s a decent opportunity to get your fix of increasingly diminishing Christmas lights. The 39th annual Winterfest Boat Parade is to take place this Saturday, December 11th at 6:30 pm. Get there early to get a good view. Check  out the mapped route here. Also, read Miami Bike Scene’s post about the Red Bull Barge Spin, a floating BMX park that will be making an appearance in this year’s parade.

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