Sometimes it’s tough to be overshadowed by the bright lights of Miami. Sure, we’ll pretend like it doesn’t bother us that the mainstream media continually praises our neighboring big city and neglects its more laid back, people friendly, step sister, but fact of the matter is that we want some love too. That’s why whenever we get a plug in the national media, the FTLC feels compelled to let you know about it. My personal favorite FTL namedrop happened in episode five of The Office entitled “Broke.” In the episode, former temp Ryan equates Fort Lauderdale to Bangkok. If you forgot the scene, here’s the dialogue:

Ryan: I never went to Thailand.
Pam: Really?
Michael: I went to Fort Lauderdale
Michael: Was it nice?
Ryan: Yeah “it was amazing.” There was a great pad thai place though.
Michael: I love pad thai.
Ryan: You’ve never had pad thai.
Michael: No. There’s a lot I haven’t done.

Although not nearly as note-worthy as being mentioned in one of America’s most popular TV shows, the flattering namedrop in the Bing commercial did evoke more than a few chuckles. In the ad, a sexy maid named Isabella complains to her lover Juan Carlos that “if he loved her, he’d take her somewhere beautiful.” On queue, Juan Carlos’s arch nemesis — an unnamed Mexican hunk, who stole Filomena from Juan Carlos in episode 1 — enters the home via horseback with his laptop open to a Bing search result that displays plane tickets from San Jose, CA to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Naturally, Isabella is swept away by the idea of a trip to Ft Lauderdale and rides away with the man with the better mustache.

Below is the commercial I am referencing. If you happen to have Attention Deficit Disorder, make sure to pay attention at the 19 second mark.

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