The monthly event with DJs and art at Brew in downtown Fort Lauderdaleby Mig

It’s no secret that the FTLC enjoys a good cup of joe around town (see the coffee category on our post FTLC’s Best of 2010 Places). It’s also no secret that we enjoy events that combine local artists and musicians, with fairly priced suds. Well, this Thursday we’ll be able to relish in both when popular DJ collective Twilight Notes coddles downtown Ft Lauderdale with their celebrated event DIALECT.

Here’s the official press release for the gathering:

Twilight Notes, Brew Urban Cafe, and Freedom Art Present…


Thursday, January 27th  8:00pm-12:30am

A Night of Art and Music

Twilight Notes and Brew Urban Cafe are proud to announce the first Dialect event of 2011.  We are teaming up with Jose Lopez of Freedom Art who has worked with us to find the best talent in the local art scene and will be curating the event.  Dialect is an eve have put together an exhibition of photography, design, painting and more.  As always, Twilight Notes has brought together an unbelievable lineup of Dj’s for your listening pleasure.  Returning favorites Kent Lawlor, Damask and Dj Esoteric will be playing alongside very special guest Richard Verges of Radio-Active Records.   The event is hosted by Rob Negron and Brew Urban Cafe will have their usual specials on beer, wine, and specialty coffee.


This is the language that we speak.

Below is the list of artists and DJs that will be showcasing their skills at the event.

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Steve Baum
  • Ev Panigua
  • Sal Marotta
  • Dapstilo
  • Danielle Veit
  • Brooke Kotzen
  • Lindsey Grace
  • Olga Volkus
  • Willie Morris
  • Tiffany Tam
  • John Kissee
  • Samantha Kondratowicz

Featuring Dj’s

  • Esoteric
  • Damask
  • Kent Lawlor
  • Richard Verges (Radio-Active Records)

This event is a perfect precursor to a packed weekend that includes intriguing concerts, massive bike rides, and more artist pow wows. Hope to see Broward’s creative community come out in droves this Thursday evening.

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