Seems like every day I read about a new budget cut to the public library system. One side of me is not surprised – let’s face it, how many people do you know that regularly hang out at the library? Another side of me is disappointed because the library is an excellent place to get work/blogging done, rent free movies, see rotating exhibits, attend free classes, and of course, use really fast internet. Inside the Main Library in downtown FTL there is a sandwich eatery called Charcuterie Too! that not only serves your standard array of deli sandwiches (tuna, roast beef, chicken salad, turkey, etc) and rotating entrees, but also pours a fairly priced cup of coffee and espresso. Excited about another perk of the public library, I’ve been meaning drop in and get some work done over coffee and a tuna sandwhich, but its daytime only hours have made it nearly impossible. Since I’m neither retired or work downtown, the limited hours bother me just a tad; however, my main problem lies elsewhere.

I came to the library today for a particular reason: to get some much needed blogging done. In order to log into WordPress and do what I got to do, I kind of need the internet. Enjoying a cheap jolt of caffeine inside the library’s cafeteria seemed like the perfect way to spend my allotted blogging time. Problem is that despite the fact that the restaurant is located at the top of the escalators of the library and ten yards from the book check out, THERE’S NO EFF’N Wi-FI in the RESTAURANT! Correction: you can get maybe one bar, possibly two if you sit at closer to the entrance, but it’ll disconnect before you can say “Damn, wish I just went to Brew”. I’d be somewhat OK with this if I was allowed to walk into the library with my large coffee I just ordered. Now I’m forced to blog in Microsoft Word and chug a 16oz cup of joe that I would never have ordered had I known.

All I’m saying is, would it kill the library to extend the wireless to the Charcuterie Too? Or, would it kill the restaurant to add their own Wi-Fi connection? I don’t care either way. Even though the food is probably really tasty and the coffee is acceptable, I won’t be blogging at this sandwich shop again. It’s a shame too because a place to get a quick bite and liquid energy can only help bring more people into the library.

Side note: From the majority of reviews that I’ve read, the food is excellent at the Charcuterie Too! If you don’t need the internet, I’m sure it’ll be an enjoyable lunch spot. Also, this is no knock on the main library. I highly recommend doing work at a public library, especially on one of the higher stories. Here’s my backdrop on the 6th floor as I upload this post:

the view from the 6th story of the Broward Main Library


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