It’s Friday morning, and you still haven’t figured out your costume for the big parties this weekend?!?! No worries. FTL Collective has some simple yet creative costume ideas that scream Fort Lauderdale and don’t break the bank.

1. Coat Man (also known as Running Man or Dennis Marsala)


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  • fake or real moustache
  • martini glass glued on a plate
  • Richard Petty black glasses
  • short shorts
  • streamers
  • dress tie

I dressed as Coat Man last year and it was a hit with the people that actually recognized the costume. You can always take the costume a step further and write MARS on the tie, wear a rats nest on your head, and run around Himmarshee Street nonstop. The above materials will suffice though.

2. HOLLA (also known as Bikini Man or Charles)


  • 2 piece bikini
  • a Sharpie to write on your forehead
  • lipstick
  • extra dollar bills

I would never dress like this Ft Lauderdale beach bum turned novelty act, but I won’t judge. Put on a two piece, lipstick, chug a bottle of Jack, and write HOLLA on your forehead — that’s all it takes. Who knows? You might even make a few bucks on the side.

3. Big Kevin

I haven’t seen this guy in a while, and hope he’s checked into some kind of mental hospital or care center. Big Kevin is the famous obese man that hangs out on the white wall of Ft Lauderdale Beach and occasionally rolls (yes, rolls) across A1A, temporarily stopping traffic. According to some police officers, he’s also notorious for throwing his feces.


  • sumo costume or fat suit
  • a short, gray beard
  • fake feces or brown smears on costume (optional)

That’s it. Just roll around on the street and people might understand your costume. Don’t be surprised if politically correct folk chastise you for your insensitivity.

4. Mickey Clean

In my opinion, the easiest man to find in Fort Lauderdale is Mickey Clean, the man that will draw a caricature you and your friends for a few bucks or a beer, using only paper and crayons. If you need to find him, just go to Pirate Bar or Treasure Trove in the middle of the day, and he’ll most likely pop up within the hour. The problem with this costume is that his phyical looks are hard to mimic. The important piece of the Mickey Clean costume is the box of crayons, a pad of paper, and a clear cup of beer that’s half full at all times. If you’re a method acter and want to truly become Mr Clean, start drinking beers the moment you wake up on Saturday morning — drink in the hot sun for more realistic results.

5. America’s Backyard “DJs”

Must be on shuffle.

Other possible costumes include 80s spring breakers, Dicey Riley’s 80s guy, Dennis Rodman singing Pearl Jam karaoke, 80s spring breaker in 2010, meat head on FTL Beach, European tourist, French Canadian, former mayor Jim Naugle in a bathroom stall, Scott Rothstein, Rollerblade guy, Holy Mackerel beer, Riverwalk brick, the satellites in front of the Museum of Science

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