This Wednesday, downtown Fort Lauderdale gets to finally join in on the food truck craze. Let me tell you, it’s about damn time. The rally called Gourmet In The Park will be located at Esplanade Park (the park just in front of the Museum of Discovery and Science). While I wish Broward had more representation at some of these local rallies, I’ll just be happy that these Miami trucks are willing to drive across county lines. At this rally, the following trucks will be present: CheeseMe Mobile, The Fish Box, Nacho Mama’s Mexican Grill, Ms. Cheezious, Sugar Rush, Latin Burger, Sugar Yummy Mama, Nacho Bizness, Slow Food Truck, Big Kahuna, The Rolling Stove, and Dim Ssam A Go-Go.

Here are 4 food items we have our eye on at this Wednesday’s food truck rally:

Ground Beef Nachos @ Nacho Mama’s Mexican Grill 

the food truck Nacho Mama

photo from

As an appetizer, we’re going to order some nachos from Coral Springs-based food truck Nacho Mama’s. Ordering tex-mex seems like a no-brainer when it comes to food trucks. Since Nacho Bizness is usually outside of Fat Cat’s on any given weekend night, we figured Nacho Mama’s might be worth a shot. In an article on Miami New Times, one of the owners recommended the shrimp burrito or the skirt steak nachos. Both those items are not listed on their online menu, but if they’re available on Wendesday, we’re might switch our order to one of those.

Custom Grilled Cheese @ CheeseMe Mobile

a grilled cheese from CheeseMe Mobile

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I must admit that when I planned on writing this post, CheeseMe’s Mac N Cheese Pancakes were on the top of my list. However, after reading a lot of negative reviews, I’ve changed my mind. The best aspect about this truck is the ability to custom order your own cheesy creation. My eye’s on the Texas Toast with vintage cheddar and roasted turkey. I will add that prices are a little steep (cheese + bread is $6, add $2 -$6 for insertions).

Short Rib Sandwich @ Slow Food Truck

Short Rib Sandwich from Slow Food Truck

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While a lot of happy reviewers spoke highly of a sandwich called The Ono, I couldn’t find the sandwich on their online menu. So I’m opting to try their other highly praised sandwich Short Rib Sandwich.

G.O.A.T. Cookie @ Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush GOAT Cookie

photo from

Almost every online reviewer loves this cookie, so I must try it. It’s a chocolate cookie with fudge inside. With reasonable prices on the menu, there’s no doubt I’ll be ordering more than one item. I’m looking at you Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding. This food truck appears to be a sure bet. Make this your final evening stop to cap off a greasy dinner.

Side note: There are so many good food trucks coming this Wednesday, and just because we didn’t include a food truck in this post doesn’t mean they aren’t good– chances are that we have tried them before or will include them in the next food truck post. For reviews of the other food trucks, search Burger Beast. That guy is the aficionado of South Florida food trucks. 

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