If I learned anything from starting countless failed bands (see Rated Arg & The Gray Guns), it’s not always about musical talent; it’s also about hype — more specifically, the band promotional photos. When it comes to taking the picture, bands worry too much about their body language or which animal mask makes them look cooler.  In my nonprofessional experience, a band promo photo should always start with the backdrop – train tracks, brick walls, and warehouses are excluded due to overuse and douchey-ness. Fortunately for Broward’s local talent, I have weeded out some of the best painted walls around greater Ft Lauderdale to take a quality band promo shot. Not only did I snap a few photos of these cement masterpieces, I even inserted some musicians into the pictures so you can see what I mean. Click the image for the location of the photo.

Hustlin Hustlin Hustlin…Don Baily Carpets (please don’t kill me Mr. Ross)

Check out Dashboard Confessional’s newest single “Beer Tears”

“It’s so hot! Leather jackets were a bad choice” Crystal Castles pose in front of Ernies BBQ off US1 and 19th St in Ft Lauderdale

Some people say that Enrique Iglesias looks like me.

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