We probably don’t have to tell you this, but we live in a pretty awesome place. Here are just a few reasons as proof:
  1. Watch the sunrise from Hollywood Beach’s observation tower
  2. Order the Volcano Roll at Sushi Rock on East Las Olas
  3. Watch a Everymen performance at Poorhouse
  4. Soak in some rays on McSorley’s sundeck
  5. Get your mouth fitted for a fake grill at the Swap Shop
  6. Order the Pitts-burgher at Primanti Brothers
  7. Curse in Spanish at the Dania Jai-Alai players
  8. Invest in a fishing license at Kingsbury & Sons Tackle
  9. Pick up a tacky souvenir at Alex’s gift shop
  10. Try the potato soup at The Field
  11. Browse a magazine at Caffe Rustica
  12. Play bingo with the old folk at Old Tyme Bingo
  13. Do yoga on Ft Lauderdale beach on Saturday morning at 10:30
  14. Take the Riverfront Cruise
  15. Go antiquing on Antique Row in Dania
  16. Play shuffle board at Blondie’s
  17. Get soft-serve on Hollywood Beach’s Broadwalk
  18. Watch the cruise ships pull out of the port
  19. Check out FAT Village’s monthly ArtWalk
  20. Ride your bike to the beach
  21. See a movie at the Gateway
  22. Do the Everglades’ full moon bike ride
  23. Pick up a sandwich and a cold one at Riverside Market
  24. Take a long walk on FTL Beach at night
  25. Spend a Tuesday night at Boomer’s ($12 unlimited arcades and mini golf)
  26. Sip on coffee at Brew while reading or writing
  27. Watch the Swinging Richards at Murphy’s Law
  28. Try the fish tacos at Zona Fresca
  29. Sign up for the Hollywood Beach Buddy Walk October 16th
  30. Have breakfast at St. Bart’s
  31. Try ALL the hot sauces at Tijuana Flats– even the one with a waiver
  32. Submit an article for FTL Collective (email to mig@ftlcollective.com)
  33. Go vegan for a night at Sublime
  34. Try the seaweed salad at Tokyo Sushi on 17th Street
  35. See how many 190 Octanes you can drink on FTL Beach
  36. Go rollerskating at Gold Coast
  37. Get the falafel platter at Exotic Bites
  38. Check out Funtastic Fridays for Kids downtown Hollywood (more fun than it sounds)
  39. Blow $5 on a “palm reading” on Federal Highway near Alex’s
  40. Fake a British accent at Waxy’s
  41. Ride the mechanical bull at Tequila Ranch
  42. Take a long walk along the New River
  43. Grab gelato in Wilton Manors
  44. Drop something off at Food Not Bombs Fridays at 5
  45. Order the coconut soup at Red Thai in Hollywood
  46. Buy something for someone else at Jezebel
  47. Try the Mahi sandwich at Margarita Cantina Crab and Seafood House
  48. Eat Squiggy’s at a normal hour of the day
  49. Drop into Radioactive Records for vinyl or a free show
  50. Grab some English food at King’s Head
  51. Save money and get your next haircut at Aveda
  52. Get breakfast on the water at Giorgio’s in Hollywood
  53. Try your luck on the slots at Hard Rock Casino
  54. Catch a jazz band at Sushi Blues in Hollywood
  55. Take a class at Crossfit
  56. Try one of Fat Hand’s favorite breakfast burritos at Bluejays
  57. Have dinner at Green Bar
  58. Go to Betty’s
  59. Pack a picnic and book and spend a Sunday at the jetty
  60. Eat with your hands at Rustic Inn
  61. Rescue a hermit crab from Wings
  62. Swing by Goodwill off Hallandale Beach Blvd
  63. Fly a kite at Dania Beach (or try surfing with one)
  64. Order a large root beer, chili dogs with cheese and onion, and a brownie sundae from Skyline Chili and tell me it’s not good
  65. Attend For Art’s Sake Typeface event
  66. Take a free class at Red Pearl Yoga
  67. Go kayaking at Anne Kolb
  68. Order a fancy dessert at Jimmie’s
  69. Attend the next SWARM warehouse party
  70. Try a new beer at PRL or Tap 42
  71. Geocache the impossible at Frost Park
  72. Watch your next Heat game at Whiskey Tango (if they lose, your tab is on them)
  73. Try Dough Boys Pizza
  74. Get a cheese-steak at CJ’s draft house
  75. Check out CCW (Coastal Championship Wrestling)
  76. Skip the downtown crowd and spend a Friday night at Maguire’s Hill 16
  77. Get the Poutan at Dairy Belle
  78. End your night at the Hard Rock in the alcoholic cloud of Gryphon/Pangaea
  79. Have dinner at Carlos and Pepe’s
  80. Wander around the “haunted” Hollywood Beach Hotel and find their eerie black and white photos
  81. Tame your sweet tooth at Chocolada
  82. Dance polka under the stars at the Hollywood Beach bandshell
  83. Order the kitchen sink at Jaxson’s
  84. Relax at the renovated Young Circle in Hollywood
  85. Find your new favorite diner
  86. Spend an afternoon at the FTL Main Library
  87. Check out Josh’s Organic on Hollywood Beach Sundays
  88. Spin the Wheel Of Vomit at Fat Cat’s
  89. Catch a punk band lineup at Rocketown
  90. Attend the next event at 1921
  91. Head to America’s Backyard and take a shot every time they throw napkins in the air or play a top 40 song
  92. See if LeTub really does make America’s best burger
  93. Pig out at the Hollywood Beach Clam Bake
  94. Attend an art event in Sailboat Bend
  95. Grab a gyro at Sahara Hollywood Beach
  96. Watch an educational IMAX
  97. Go on the Jungle Queen
  98. Order fish dip at Tarpon Bend
  99. Fish off of Dania Pier
  100. Find an awesome Indian restaurant and tell us about it
  101. Buy the next FTL Groupon– no matter what it is
  102. Go to the dog beach in Hollywood
  103. Bike around Birch State Park
  104. Browse volunteerbroward.org
  105. Find a used book store
  106. Take a girl in your life to the Ft Lauderdale Museum of Art
  107. Go bowling at Manor Lanes
  108. Play a bar game at Flicker Lite
  109. Grill on the beach
  110. Attend the next JAMS event
  111. Spend a day at the Museum of Discovery and Science
  112. Take your date to Japanese Village
  113. Order the Cowboy at Charm City Burgers
  114. Try the Nacho Bizness food truck
  115. Get a drink from Pete at Village Well (possibly sing karaoke and hula hoop)
  116. Get an amazing smoothie from Robert Is Here
  117. Take a paddle-boarding lesson
  118. Order fresh baked goods from Euro Bread
  119. Pack wine and cheese for Jazz Brunch
  120. Get your 3PM breakfast at Lester’s
  121. Go to the next quirky event at Undergrounds Coffeehaus
  122. Spend a day taking pictures around where you live
  123. Sangria Sundays at Maracas– $1 all day and night
  124. Buy something from ABC thrift store
  125. Order a burrito at The Whole Enchilada
  126. Eat late night at the Floridian
  127. Order a burger at Rok Burger
  128. Pick up a six pack of Holy Mackerel
  129. Attend a rock concert at Revolution
  130. Sit and people-watch at the Dale-ien Gap (the wooden stoop between Poorhouse and America’s Backyard) for a whole night
  131. Dance in the electronic room of Living Room
  132. Attend the Turkish Festival in Huizenga Plaza
  133. Order freshly baked bread from Gran Forno
  134. Buy a cigar from Macabi Cigar Bar on Las Olas
  135. Don a cowboy hat at a rodeo in Davie
  136. Line dance at Round Up
  137. Catch an acoustic set at Stage 84
  138. Find the castle in Tarpon River
  139. Get rip-roaring at Elbo Room (doesn’t take long)
  140. Guess trivia at Cafe Blue Fish (Thursday nights)
  141. Order a Cubeltini at Trina
  142. Write a dirty saying on the walls of Pirate Bar
  143. Play pick-up volleyball on FTL Beach (even if you suck)
  144. See the live mermaids at Wreck Bar
  145. Play ping pong at Kim’s Alley Bar
  146. Organize a Water Taxi bar crawl
  147. Order frozen drinks at Bahia Cabana
  148. Scarf up a bratwurst with an Icehouse draft at Bierbrunnen
  149. Stay a night at a hostel on the beach, Beach Hostel or Deauvill
  150. Attend the next IWAN The Bubble warehouse party
  151. Check out the grand opening of Laser Wolf
  152. Sweat on your dance partner at E-Bar (AKA Latino Fire)
  153. Order Cajun at Bourbon on 2nd
  154. Attend the next afternoon beach rave on FTL Beach
  155. Take an airboat ride
  156. Get a lapdance at Scarletts
  157. Race Coatman down Las Olas
  158. Test out the conch chowder for yourself at Ernies (and nothing else)
  159. Get a slice at Rocco’s on Hollywood Beach
  160. Order the Porky burger at Los Perros
  161. Go to a pool party at Exit 66
  162. Rent a banana bike on the Hollywood Broadwalk
  163. Enjoy a Sunday brunch at Rosie’s
  164. Catch a movie at the Swap Shop drive-in theater
  165. Feed a feral cat or racoon near Dania Beach
  166. Try skimboarding at Dania Beach
  167. Take a day cruise to the Bahamas
  168. Catch a FLIFF at Cinema Paradiso
  169. Eat the clams at Tarks
  170. Order the lomo saltado at Peruvian House
  171. Observe a Florida Panther at Flamingo Gardens
  172. Jump off the diving board at the Swimming Hall Of Fame
  173. Peruse the Antique Car Museum
  174. Take a trip to the Fishing Hall Of Fame
  175. Have a conversation with someone else, speaking into the satellites in front of the Museum of Science
  176. Tour Old Fort Lauderdale
  177. Make-out with your significant other at night on the short wall along the New River, facing the skyline
  178. Buy a ticket to a Broadway musical at Broward Performing Arts Center
  179. Watch the annual Winterfest Boat Parade with hot chocolate and Kahlua
  180. Spend time reading the bricks on the Riverwalk
  181. Try on the mesh body suit at the Swap Shop
  182. Marvel at Rollerblade Guy’s sweet tricks
  183. Try a different beer at World Of Beer in Coconut Creek
  184. Catch a show at Culture Room
  185. Play frisbee golf at Tradewinds (free on weekdays)
  186. Be one with nature at Butterfly World
  187. Try a burger at Gilberts on 17th
  188. Get drunk on a bus loop
  189. Eat a sub at Laspadas
  190. Eat a Philly Cheesesteak at Mr. Nick’s
  191. Get the lunch special at Texas Hold’em
  192. Pretend to be Lebron James in a pick-up game at Bayview Park
  193. Drive down Perimeter Road and speed up or slow down to go under a plane
  194. Hang with the bikers at Flossies
  195. Read a comic book at Tates
  196. Go sledding at Christmas on Las Olas
  197. Drink 30 mini cups at New Times Beer Fest
  198. Smoke hookah at Kan Zaman Cafe in Plantation
  199. Play shuffle board at Florence Hardy Park (must have own equipment)
  200. Eat the rotisserie chicken meal at La Granja
  201. Build an elaborate sand castle on the beach
  202. Enjoy an FTL Mule
  203. Order a Cuban Sandwich at Tropical Cafe
  204. Start a local blog and write about your favorite places in Broward
  205. Find a blue bike
  206. Check out Yellowgreen
  207. Buy a crayon caricature from Mickey Clean
  208. Dance with 80s Guy at Dicey Riley’s
  209. Dress up slutty for Trick or Treat on 2nd Street
  210. Chug a beer in a Santa costume at SantaCon FTL
  211. Buy a fifth at Tallent Liquor on Broward
  212. Do-it-yourself Scott Rothstein reality tour (see next five entries)
  213. Get your picture taken with a politician (part of Do-it-yourself Scott Rothstein reality tour)
  214. Give money to a charity (part of Do-it-yourself Scott Rothstein reality tour)
  215. Ask a bartender at Blue Martini to marry you (part of Do-it-yourself Scott Rothstein reality tour)
  216. Convince your friends that you’re part of a massive ponzi scheme (part of the Do-it-yourself Scott Rothstein reality tour)
  217. Visit the Broward County Jail (part of the Do-it-yourself Scott Rothstein reality tour)
  218. Invent a new drink and call it the Ft Lauderdale __________ (you fill in the blank)
  219. Build a rope swing into a body of water, then tell us where it is.
  220. Try to order a Freedom Bomb at the Downtowner Saloon
  221. Survive a whole night, only at Coyote Ugly
  222. Eat at Chen’s Garden, the sketchy Chinese takeout place by the main police station on Broward
  223. Sneak into a movie on a weekday at the movie theater in Riverfront
  224. Try kava at Kahuna Awa Kava Bar (don’t bring beers inside, trust me)
  225. Catch a show by Spred The Dub at Fat Cats
  226. Laugh at the live stand-up comedians at National Lampoon
  227. Contemplate getting a tattoo at Tattoo Blues
  228. Buy something at the Indie Craft Bazaar
  229. Challenge a skateboarder by the outdoor stage in Huizenga Plaza to a trick off
  230. Flirt with a cougar/silver fox at Blue Martini for happy hour
  231. Wear a disguise to The Hut Lounge
  232. Attend a sporting event at Lockhart Stadium
  233. Take photos of murals
  234. Get overly caffeinated with Cuban coffee at the little stand off N. Andrews by Sunrise
  235. Go to an event at The Collide Factory
  236. Attend an event for Day Of The Dead in Flagler Village
  237. Play a massive game of flip cup at White Table Foundation
  238. Plant something at the community garden in Flagler Village
  239. Splurge at Canyon
  240. Have lunch at Casablanca on a sunny day
  241. Catch a free movie at Young Circle
  242. Watch a famous comedian at the Improv at Hard Rock
  243. Invade a kickball weekly party at Dicey’s (try to find a WAKA tee at Salvation Army to enjoy the drink specials too)
  244. Challenge ex-frat boys to beer pong at Crazy 8’s
  245. Take a free surfing lesson on a Saturday mornin
  246. Lunch and feeding the tarpon at 15th Street Fisheries and dockside cafe
  247. Pre-game for Culture Room at Wayward Sailor
  248. Roll the dice at Kelly’s Landing (called Lobster Yachtzee)
  249. Play ring game at the Tip (after Charm City)
  250. Ride the roller coaster at Boomers all day, over and over
  251. Coach a soccer team in the Ft Lauderdale city league (no experience necessary, trust me)
  252. Dance on a table at Opa
  253. Get a hot dog at Hotdog Heaven
  254. Go on a bar crawl in Wilton Manors
  255. Go to Sawgrass Mall the day before Christmas
  256. Take a duck tour and quack the loudest
  257. Attend a Fetish Factory party, then tell us what happens at one
  258. Go to Lips for Bitchy Bingo
  259. Race a stranger at Xtreme Indoor Carting
  260. Bring your dog to Snyder Park
  261. Go on a ghost tour….if you dare
  262. Imitate a monkey at the Bonnet House
  263. Try to figure out the offsides rule at a Florida Panthers game
  264. Fall asleep on a bed at IKEA
  265. Try to get a slice at every pizza place in Riverfront
  266. Take a flyer for Art Bar and actually go
  267. Try on fancy clothes at Galleria Mall
  268. Pretend you know ‘Mike’ at the door at Voodoo
  269. Go to Club Jai and buy a jai alai player a drink
  270. Watch NASCAR at Freddie’s Anchor Bar
  271. Get BBQ from the mobile cooker outside Monterey Club
  272. Take a fake band promo shot on the downtown railroad tracks
  273. Swim in the pool at the downtown Pirate Republic Bar
  274. Have a conversation with the cat man in Old Fort Lauderdale (you’ll know know who he is)
  275. Edit the wikipedia page for Fort Lauderdale
  276. Take the Tri Rail somewhere
  277. Invite all your friends to The Cubby Hole
  278. Watch a St Thomas Aquinas football game
  279. Challenge Lyrikill to a freestyle contest
  280. Take a date on the gondola tour (is that still in business?)
  281. Go to the beach in the heart of winter and send a picture text to your buddy in Boston
  282. Head to Midnight Madness on Deerfield Beach
  283. Do a beer funnel on the beach during Spring Break and don’t blame us if you get arrested
  284. Buy your significant other an pair of underwear that says I <3 To Fart
  285. Write a poem in the Secret Woods
  286. Try to spot a manatee (bring lettuce)
  287. Attempt to water ski at Quiet Waters
  288. Take a tour of the Ft Lauderdale Fire & Safety Museum
  289. Organize a neighborhood block party to meet the neighbors
  290. Buy a sex toy at Hustler
  291. Catch a karaoke performance by Dennis Rodman
  292. Find curbside parking at the Super Publix downtown, and just sit in your car for 15 minutes
  293. Buy clothes for your girlfriend or yourself at Lilac and Lilies
  294. Drive a moped down A1A on a sunny day
  295. Eat breakfast at Peter Pan Diner the day after Halloween
  296. Attempt mountain biking at Markham Park
  297. Buy marmite at Pond Hoppers
  298. Root against the Eagles at Parrot Lounge
  299. Ride the Sun Trolley with a cooler of alcohol for a whole Saturday
  300. Take a photo in the red phone booth in front of Kings Head in Dania
  301. Get coffee at Expresso Coffee Company (drive through on Andrews)
  302. Support a local opening band at Culture Room
  303. Eat lunch at a Pure Platinum on a Sunday
  304. Shoot a gun at Big Al’s off Hallandale Boulevard
  305. Sneakily hang up your own piece of art into an art show
  306. Ride a bike through a mobile home park
  307. Take a picture with Holla AKA Bikini Guy
  308. Catch some Miami bands at Monterey Club
  309. Buy a mango or avocado from someone selling out of their house
  310. Spray paint your bike blue
  311. Pretend to know wine at 7th Street Wine Company
  312. Attend PRIDE (March)
  313. Check out an ArtServe exhibit
  314. Attend Stonewall Festival
  315. Catch Alexander perform at A1A Dive Bar
  316. Take a tour of Stranahan House
  317. Crash a wedding reception at the Riverside Hotel
  318. Sneak into the pool at the W
  319. Organize a boxed wine bike rally that stretches from downtown to the beach and everywhere in between
  320. Get a gyro at the Greek Festival in February
  321. Catch a cricket match at North America’s only ICC approved cricket stadium in Lauderhill
  322. Take your parents on a canal tour on one of FTL’s many boat-tour options
  323. Take a hot girl/guy you just met on the ultimate FTL first date: Dinner at Coconuts, walk across the street for drinks at the Treasure Trove
  324. Taco Tuesday at T-Mex
  325. Score free artwork at the annual Red Eye Art Scavenger Hunt
  326. Watch the swing bridge swivel
  327. Ladies night at Yolo
  328. Fake an injury at a pill mill
  329. Ride your bike over the 17th Street bridge
  330. Play afternoon tennis at Riverside Park, then go to Florence Hardy Park to continue playing when it gets dark
  331. Buy a dress at Boca Leche
  332. Ask the homeless guy with the mullet who the current president is (then run)
  333. Make a Soup Nazi joke at the soup place in the 450 East Las Olas building
  334. Explore the fantasy store on Hollywood Blvd, downtown Hollywood
  335. Tailgate for a football game you are not attending at Sun Life Stadium
  336. Get your freak on at the Sailboat Bend block party
  337. Drink a root-beer float from Kilwin’s on Las Olas
  338. Peruse the one-of-a-kind selection at Mickey’s Orchids
  339. Catch Fourth Dimension (Broward’s hardest working band) at Fat Cats
  340. Watch any game you want at Duffy’s sports theater
  341. Scuba dive for sunken Prohibition-era rum (we like to think there’s some out there)
  342. Monthly wine tasting at Cellars Wine & Spirits
  343. Crack up at Laffing Matterz comedy dinner theater at the Broward Center
  344. Peruse the New Times and respond to the advertisement of your choice
  345. Get a cheap ($10!) hand car wash on the weekends courtesy of the guy outside West Side Market in Sailboat Bend
  346. Try the JB’s Cheesesteaks food truck
  347. Root against the Saints at Shuck N Dive
  348. Enjoy a catamaran cruise on the Spirit of Lauderdale
  349. Take a picture with M.I.L.F. Hunter
  350. Order the cheapest beer, followed by 2 expensive mixed drinks at Capones for their 3-4-1 deal
  351. Go 10 under the speed limit and enjoy the view on the 595 to I95 ramp (be careful though)
  352. Sneak into Off The Hookah when they try to charge a $10 cover
  353. Get a smoothie from the guy with the stand along the river, just past Brinys
  354. Cosmic bingo (Seminole Casino)
  355. See a show at Fox and Hound
  356. Watch a pop punk band at Talent Farm
  357. Write a poem while waiting to get to the end of the people mover at Super Publix
  358. Buy a funny mug at Poverello
  359. Go to Briny’s and take the cliche photo by the shark
  360. Eat a sub at My Market
  361. Sneak onto a clay tennis court at Central Park in Plantation
  362. Lunch at Shooters (listen to steel drum guy)
  363. Go to the Sistrunk Festival
  364. Get jerk chicken at the annual Jerk Festival in Sunrise
  365. Drink green beer on Himmarshee Street for Saint Patricks Day

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

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