Here at the FTLC headquarters, we are always striving to find new ways to inform our readers of local businesses, activities, bands, restaurants,  and Russ Adler sightings. That is why we have added 2 new pages to our blog, Links and Mixtapes. Let me explain each new page below:


On this page, we want to provide a comprehensive listing of local websites. As you can see, we’ve already added a handful of quality blogs, bands, bars, and restaurants. We plan on adding many more in the coming weeks and months. We only ask one tiny, minute, pequeño favor…if we add a link to your site, we’d appreciate you to show the love back. Contact if you think your site should be included on our directory.


We are particularly excited about this addition to our website. In this section, we want to include a monthly mixtape of songs by local bands, complete with cover art and a link to download the album for free. This section only works as long as enough bands allow us to include their music on our mix. If you’re in a band, and would like for us to include one of your tracks on our monthly mix, send an email to with the song attached (please, no viruses) or a link to a site where we can download your song (the preferred method). Expect our first mix to come out in August.

Do you have any suggestions for the FTLC website? Go to the Contact page, and email one of the FTLC bloggers.

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