By Fat Hand

There is a new bar on the way in our city’s highly successful Riverfront development. Just when it seemed it would be empty store-fronts all the way down, we get the Tap & Cork. Lucky us.

The upcoming Tap & Cork is just south of Argie’s Grill, right across the street from The Brick. From its window dressing it promises to be a beer, wine, champagne, and sake bomb bar. I could be wrong, but from my semi-professional drinking at Himmarshee bars that makes it the only place to get a sake bomb downtown.

Now, seeing as how the Tap & Cork is directly across from The Brick and just down the block from ArtBar, that means one of two things:

1) You will be able to see the bottom portion of the female bartenders’ asses; or
2) It will be the classiest bar on the block.

Either one sounds good to me. Bring on the sake bombs.

Tap & Cork coming to Riverfront in FTL

new bar coming to Ft Lauderdale

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