Just as we were readying a “Battle of the Barts” for the two St Barts Coffee Companies on Ft Lauderdale Beach, we discovered that St Barts on Sunrise and A1A was changing over to “Oceanview Delight”: a “privately owned cafe featuring homemade food and fresh ingredients”.  From what we understood, the two did not share the same owner, and, for the record, we were leaning towards the original St Barts on S Ft Lauderdale Bch Blvd.  (Note the difference in portion size of the eggs and cheese at both St Barts below)

St Barts

Farmer's Favorite at St Barts original location

St Barts

Farmer's Favorite at St Barts Sunrise and A1A




But after seeing these yummy photos below from Oceanview Delight’s Facebook page, perhaps cafe breakfast food was just not their forte.  Not pictured here but also on their Facebook are a “Lamb Burgini” (homemade lamb burger, spicy pepper sauce, and feta cheese) and an “SB Angus Burger”.  So far a menu is not available online. Oceanview Delight offers free wifi and delivery to the “lifeguard stand nearest you”.

Middle Eastern Chicken Taco from Oceanview Delight

Ahi Tuna Burger, Wasabi Slaw, and Avocado from Oceanview Delight







Oceanview Delight

View from Oceanview Delight on Sunrise and A1A

Oceanview Delight (Facebook, Twitter) is located at 845 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.  Call (954)630-1351 for current hours.

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