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Over the last few years Radio-Active Records has bloomed into Fort Lauderdale’s darling indie record store, hosting entertainment in the form of various bands, DJs, and other nighttime events, while offering top customer service and musical knowledge. It’s no wonder they’ve been the recipients of Best Of awards and the subject of many blog posts here and other places.  Radio-Active is more than just a fad or a place for trendy hipsters to hang though. Below we’ve got some reasons to visit even if you’re not buying vinyl:

1. They play uncommon and/or new tunes you might’ve otherwise never heard.  The staff is even happy to hook you up with some music info- whether it’s some rare psychobilly or the new Radiohead.
2. Album art gets much less face time these days- check out Rolling Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request or Culture Club’s Waking Up With The House On Fire then go in and browse others firsthand.
3. They carry Uncut, Spin, Wire, Under The Radar, and a few more of the best music mags.
4. You can find out about upcoming community events by either talking with staff there or checking out the plethora of flyers that get dropped off there.
5. They sell Iron Forge Press prints from a variety of local shows.
6. Even if you don’t own any vinyls, you can listen to them on one of the tables there.
7. They keep a pretty impressive collection of local CDs and demos- FTLC favorites Rebel included.
8. If cassettes are your thing they have those too! (Mostly newer artists)
9. You can pick up some black and yellow (stickers, that is).
10. Catch a show!  Jacuzzi Boys frequents the place and were last there on Record Store Day ’11 along with Blank Dogs, Merchandise, and Axe and the Oak.

Radio-Active Records is located at 1930 E Sunrise Blvd # B  in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Phone number (954) 762-9488


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